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David Bockoven – English / Writing

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Fall 2020

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 About Me

  Hi, I'm David Bockoven.  I teach Writing, English, and Humanities classes.

  I earned a Ph.D. in English Literature at the University of Oregon in 1998.  The subject of my dissertation is how stories open up a different way of experiencing time and focuses on some English and French novels written between 1688 and 1847.

   During Fall Quarter of 2020, I will be teaching two sections of WR122. Due to the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, I will not be on campus this quarter. My classes are both "hybrid" format, meaning half the class time is conducted "asynchronously" (at a time convenient for you during the week) online through the Moodle platform. The other half of the class time is conducted through weekly Zoom meetings (time as indicated on Schedule of Classes). Office hours are"virtual" --meaning, I should be logged in to my Moodle classes and email account at those times, but I can also schedule a Zoom meeting with students by request (Zoom is a video conferencing app which seems fairly easy to use if you have a smartphone or a computer with a camera and microphone/speaker). Don't hesitate to e-mail ( or call/text my cell phone (541-543-3429) if you have any questions. Since I don't answer my phone for numbers I don't recognize, you will need to leave a message on voice mail. If texting, please identify yourself by both name and class name.  

More information is available on Moodle course pages. 

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