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April Carothers – English/Writing

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Fall 2016             


I earned my Bachelor's Degree at Western Oregon University in Writing and Linguistics, and my Master's Degree at Oregon State, and I've lived in Oregon all my life, so I'm locally grown. My specialty is responding to student writing. What I love most is working one on one with students, so never hesitate to ask me for input on your work. I am currently also teaching at Chemeketa, Yamhill Valley Campus. My husband and I own a small Taekwondo school in Mac. My life: eat, sleep, teach writing and martial arts.


My teaching philosophy is that as a writing teacher, I am a bridge between the "real" world and the world of college. It's my job to guide students in learning how to write for college, but it's also critical to show students that they can succeed here, and to teach them where to find the tools and resources that will help them be successful.  

Useful Stuff for WR 115:

Final Exam: Room 110 in NSH, Both days:

Monday, Dec. 5th at 12:00- 12:50 pm and Tuesday, Dec. 6th at 11:30 am- 12:20.


Syllabus for Fall 2016 HERE OR PDF HERE


Instructions for summarizing and responding HERE

Tom Hanks, "I Owe It All to Community College" HERE

Scoring guide for Summary and Response Exercises, including the Final HERE

April's Stereotypes Essay HERE

April's Stereotypes essay REVISED after student feedback HERE

April's Persuasive Essay HERE


LBCC Finals Schedule HERE


Useful Stuff for WR 121: 

FINAL EXAM ESSAY! Get it and read it HERE.

Final: Note, if that link doesn't work, just search "Linn Benton English."

Bring 2 blue books to room NSH 209. June 6th, Monday, 12 to 12:50 AND June 7th, Tuesday, 11:30- 12:20. Read "Ignorance vs. Reason..."

Alternate Exam (you must TELL me if you're taking the alternate): Thursday, June 2nd, NSH 106, 6 to 9 pm.  Read "In Praise of Intellectual Curiosity."

About the WR 121 Final

 Page with info about the WR 121 Final HERE

Peer Review Form WORD  or  PDF (It's the one you like)

April's TED Response   (Notice how it differs from the TED Essay)

April's TED Essay

Sample MLA Essay HERE

Sample APA Essay HERE

Sample MLA Annotated Bibliography HERE 

James Paul Gee, "Good Video Games and Good Learning" HERE

Thesis Generator (fun tool!)


Trouble with grammar-type stuff? Grammar Bytes


Random Stuff:

Brief Description of Courses I teach


Cool Stuff Page: Looking for useful info? Something fresh? Or ready to see the world from a different viewpoint?


Elements of Style: Read it ONLINE! Very handy.


A great way to earn extra credit is to visit the Writing Center (above the library in the Learning Center) or to use the Online Writing Lab.

LBCC OWL Instructions


More Info and Links:

Trouble with spelling? This is actually funny AND useful: Oatmeal

Great site for instructions for specific writing assign.


What is academic writing? A great resource to help you understand what an academic paper looks like, how college writing differs from high school writing, and other useful info on getting that paper written.


"50 of the best websites for writers."


Learning Center: where tutors are waiting to help.



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