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Brian B Egan – English/Writing

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FALL 2021 - A Virtual World for WR 227!

Fall 2021 is the third Zoom-based term of my WR 227 course, thanks to Covid-19. Winter and Spring 2021 students enjoyed the format, and attendance was an all-time high!

I focus on real-world communication skills that will help you to excel at a job, and to get that job in the first place: clear, concise, and precise writing that meets the needs of its readers and/or viewers. 

The class is a mixture of:

I make heavy use of Moodle for assignments and resources (including recordings of each class session).

Warning: It's a hard class, for several reasons:

The good news is that my humor and enthusiasm have transitioned well to the small screen, and I am very serious about helping you to be successful in the class.






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