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WR 115: Introduction to College Writing and (ALP-Accelerated Learning Program)

To succeed in school and in life, people need excellent communication skills.  We not only need to express ourselves well, we need to be able to “hear” the communication of others, understand it, and respond to it in a confident and responsible manner.  This course introduces college-level critical inquiry in academic and professional reading and writing.  Students read, summarize, and respond in paragraph format and develop expository essay writing skills.  They also will review conventions.  

As an Accelerated Learning Program, this course supports the WR121 course students are enrolled in.  

WR115 Syllabus Spring 2018

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WR115 ALP Syllabus

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WR 121: College Composition

This class covers the processes and fundamentals of writing expository essays-that is, essays of argument, analysis, comparison, etcetera.  We look at structure, organization, development, diction and style, revision and editing, mechanics-all the standard conventions required for college-level writing.  

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Syllabus Fall 2019

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WR122:  Argumentative Writing 

Each day, we try to persuade others to adopt our point of view on any number of topics: assure a parent or spouse that we REALLY didn’t see the post behind us in the parking lot; persuade the math instructor to take the late assignment; or convince the voters to approve a revision to a current law.  Argument is everywhere.

This course has been designed to improve persuasive skills in the following areas:

Prerequisite:  WR121

Syllabus Winter 2020


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WR 123: English Composition: Research

Introduces informative and analytical writing supported by research. Students design a research plan, use primary and secondary sources critically, develop research methods, use proper documentation and develop writing strategies for longer papers. Prerequisite: WR 121 English Composition.


Syllabus Winter 2019

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WR227: Technical Writing

This course is designed to strengthen written communication for jobs, careers, professions, community endeavors, and other public functions by practicing a number of writing situations and learning to tailor writing to a particular audience and/or situation.  

WR227 introduces students to the types of writing they will encounter in business, industry, the academic world and government. It examines the rhetorical nature of writing and asks students to think critically about content, audience, argument and structure. Students will learn how to effectively design documents, present instructions, create proposals and produce technical reports.

Syllabus Winter 2020


ENG 104: Literature: Fiction

Examines fiction through selected literary works, such as the short story and the novel, and increases understanding of the conventions of fiction. Encourages exploration of the human experience and world view through the reading of short stories, with an emphasis on analysis, interpretation, and the fiction-writer's craft.

Note: Need not be taken in sequence. Prerequisite: College level reading and writing skills (WR 121) are strongly recommended for success in this course.

ENG104 Syllabus Winter 2013


ENG 275: The Bible as Literature

The Bible has inspired people for millenia, and it has had a profound effect on Western culture, literature, art, music, and law.  In order to understand much of Western arts and letters -- even history, students must have a working knowledge of the literature of the Bible.  This course is designed to acquaint students with literary forms, styles, and content of Biblical materials and to point out Western literary and artistic indebtedness to the Biblical heritage.

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ENG275 Syllabus Winter '11


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