ENG 204: Early English Literature

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One should either be a work or art, or wear a work of art.

.                                                        ~Oscar Wilde 


Hello, and welcome to all of you. The goal of this class is to bring literature to life and to help you in the effort to understand the relevance of literature to our own lives and times. We'll learn about the social and historical forces that determine convention and values, and we'll try to relate those elements to what happens in our own lives. We'll look at literary genres such as the epic, myth, romance, and others to determine their value as political or social tools, and we'll discuss why long, epic poems once made the best-seller lists but are now out of fashion. In the process, we'll get to know the writers of the times we study, and try to grasp a little of their hopes, aspirations, and skills as men and women.

Listed below are some class resources: syllabi, links to other sections of my web page, exercises, and links to film resources as well.

. Here is the text we'll be using:

  • Stephen Greenblatt, General Editor, The Norton Anthology of English Literature, .
  • The website for this text is: www.wwnorton.com/literature 


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. Here are links to the course content and scheduling:


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