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Kacie Wills – English

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Hi, I'm Kacie. I am currently finishing my dissertation for my PhD in English from the University of California, Riverside. I study the literature and culture of the late eighteenth-century and the Romantic period and am interested in cool things like explorers' journals, Polynesian tattooing, coin collections, hot air balloons, and scrapbooks. 

Over the past five years, I have taught classes in composition, critical thinking, literature, and business writing at UC, Riverside, Cal State Long Beach, and a number of California community colleges. I live in Oregon now, and I am very happy to be teaching at LBCC.

My goal is to employ writing and critical thinking as tools for success both in and beyond the classroom. I believe in the power of academic research and in using the classroom as a place to both engage with scholarship and to develop professionally.

As a researcher and an educator, I appreciate individually the realms of theoretical literary analysis, historical research, scientific process, and practical business writing, and I seek to mix them, when appropriate, with creative, engaging, and critical learning experiences. I have a passion for real-world preparation with diverse populations, and I am dedicated to finding the practical relevance in research. For instance, in my dissertation I show how the “original Instagram,” 18th century scrapbooks, help us understand modern scientific progress and social media culture.

To check out my CV and learn more about my research interests and my pedagogy, visit my website: 


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