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Kriste York – English

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Source article for the final!

Monday, March 19

12:00-12:50 - Part 1 of Final in NSH 210


Tuesday, March 20

11:30-12:20 - Part 2 of Final in NSH 210


Friday, March 23

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Countdown Timer

Awesome Analogy

Logical Fallacies 

Quoting out of Context  

Roman Mars' TED


Reliable Sources?

New York Times' Readers' Guide

News Quality Chart

A Slightly Different Chart

How to Detect Fake News

A List of Unreliable Sources

Snopes - fact-checks internet rumors/hoaxes

Critical Thinking Cheatsheet

Media Bias/Fact Check - a comprehensive resource

How to Detect Bias in News Media 


Research & Citations

Easy Bib Citation Generator

Google Scholar

Credo Reference 

Purdue OWL MLA Formatting and Style Guide


Other Links

Print Friendly

LBCC Writing Center

The Punctuation Guide

Logical Fallacies

42 Fallacies 



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