A - D

Mayfield, Mary, ABE/GED
Otto, Rebecca, Accelerated Short Term Training
Hobson, Linda, Adult Basic Education/GED
Rodriguez, Ricardo, Adult Basic Education/GED
Thompson Graham, Joyce, Adult Basic Skills
Shell, Malinda, Adult Re-Entry/Career Pathways
Dray, Emily, Advising Center
Fraser Hevlin, Jan, Advising Center
Hoogesteger, Lisa, Advising Center
Kart, Carrie, Advising Center
Klampe, Angie, Advising Center
Madriaga, Charles, Advising Center
Madriaga, Tiffany, Advising Center
Morgan, Cait, Advising Center
Randall, Carrie, Advising Center
Shinkle, Sandra, Advising Center
Six, Valerie, Advising Center
Edell, Miriam, Agricultural Sciences
Gooch, Cindy, Agricultural Sciences
Hinds-Cook, Barbara, Agricultural Sciences
Klampe, Rick, Agricultural Sciences
Mestas, Angie, Agricultural Sciences
Sangsupan, Hathai, Agricultural Sciences
Schumacher, Cindy, Agricultural Sciences
Strooband, Jenny, Agricultural Sciences
Weber, Clay, Agricultural Sciences
Wetzel, Jenny, Agricultural Sciences
Gates, Lena, Apprenticeship
Williams, Ron, Apprenticeship
Wood, Denny, Apprenticeship
Zimick, Paul, Apprenticeship
Myers, Andy, Art
Denning, Catherine, Art History
Krolick, Phil, Automotive
Schiedler, Bryan, Automotive
Dubanoski, Matt, Automotive Technology
Ehlers, RJ, Automotive Technology
Parent, Mark, Automotive Technology
Beilby, Pamela, Biological Sciences
Chamberlain, Erin, Biological Sciences
Coffeen, Warren, Biological Sciences
Coleman, Greg, Biological Sciences
Donaghy Cannon, Misty, Biological Sciences
Farley, Sherry, Biological Sciences
Gallardo, Julio, Biological Sciences
Glaeser, Rachel, Biological Sciences
Herring, Heidi, Biological Sciences
Jacobs, Rachel, Biological Sciences
Jacobs, Derric, Biological Sciences
Khuu, Trisha, Biological Sciences
LaRoux, Charlene, Biological Sciences
Lebsack, Carolyn, Biological Sciences
Looney, Jim, Biological Sciences
Moraru, Gail, Biological Sciences
Morre, Susan, Biological Sciences
Nuno, Natasha, Biological Sciences
Ross, Bob, Biological Sciences
Scherr, Melissa, Biological Sciences
Skarda, Steve, Biological Sciences
Taylor, David, Biological Sciences
Waite, Andrea, Biological Sciences
Wheat, Diana, Biological Sciences
Zamarron, Michelle, Biological Sciences
Houde, Terri, Business and Employer Services
O'Boyle, Sherry, Business and Employer Services
Priestman, Ian, Business and Supervision
Anderson, Chelsea, Business Management
Bean, Mindy, Business Management
Conway, Bryan, Business Management
Coulter, Joshua, Business Management
Dickson, Caleb, Business Management
Dunn, Jessica, Business Management
Fang, Shengnan, Business Management
Finer, Cassie, Business Management
Forbes, Steve, Business Management
Hibbard, Paul, Business Management
Hogan, Ashley, Business Management
Lindsey, Julie, Business Management
Longo, Bob, Business Management
Love, Arland, Business Management
Myers, Lee, Business Management
Peterson, Holly, Business Management
Phelps, Wendy, Business Management
Ruderman, Chris, Business Management
Schofield, Daniel, Business Management
Signs, Shelly, Business Management
Spevacek, LouAnn, Business Management
Tierney, Keith, Business Management
Vedaa, Mary, Business Management
Wells, Jill, Business Management
Yoder, Sean, Business Management
Camp, Rob, Career Exploration
Bain, Lynn, Career Life Planning
Dusseau, Tracy, Center for Accessibility Resources
Childers, Laurie, Ceramics
Ernst, Ted, Ceramics
Kittredge, Clive, Chemistry
McDonald, Shawn, Chemistry
Rogow, David, Chemistry
Kidd, David, Civil Engineering & Engineering Transfer
Adkisson, Hailey, Communication
Black, Tim, Communication
Burdon, Kimberly, Communication
Cook, Erin, Communication
Drischell, John, Communication
Harper, Zach, Communication
Hood, Jacob, Communication
Kaio, Aaron, Communication
Khan, Zakir, Communication
Merge, Steven, Communication
Mulatero Ferrando, Oriana, Communication
Short, Jared, Communication
Thompson, Anna, Communication
Tillman, Rosemarie, Communication
Urista, Mark, Communication
Vave, Walker, Communication
Williams, Chelsey, Communication
Williams, Daniel, Communication
West, Jan, Community Ed
Barton, Lew, Computer Aided Design and Drafting
Care, Ron, Computer Aided Design and Drafting
Carmichael, Perry, Computer Aided Design and Drafting
Clark, Phil, Computer Aided Design and Drafting
Costin, Ric, Computer Aided Design and Drafting
Spayd, Lee, Computer Aided Design and Drafting
Becker, Dave, Computer Programming and Networking
Cantrell, Mark, Computer Systems
Giles, Kayte, Computer Systems
Jess, Joseph, Computer Systems
Paris, Joe, Computer Systems
Rizk, Ziko, Computer Systems
Roberts, Wendy, Computer Systems
Robins-Miller, Susan, Computer Systems
Virasak, Sisi, Computer Systems
Bird, David, Cooperative Work Experience
Brown, Elijah, Criminal Justice
Carter, Rod, Criminal Justice
Corder, Steve, Criminal Justice
Griffin, Robert, Criminal Justice
Johnson, Tom, Criminal Justice
Krug, Joe, Criminal Justice
McKirdy, Monica, Criminal Justice
Spasaro, Michael, Criminal Justice
Thygeson, Caralee, Criminal Justice
Wing, Jeff, Criminal Justice
Anderson-Wales, Audrey, Culinary Arts
Booth, Sarah, Culinary Arts
Green, Josh, Culinary Arts
Jarschke, John, Culinary Arts
Jones, Jesse, Culinary Arts
Ketterman, Todd, Culinary Arts
Lebar, Stacy, Culinary Arts
Manning, Gretchen, Culinary Arts
Chronicle, Lindsey, Dental
Gerger, Stacey, Dental
Sobotka, Clare, Destination Graduation
Agnew, Virgil, Developmental Studies
Cox, Lynne, Developmental Studies
Earls, Amy, Developmental Studies
Fichtner, Sandy, Developmental Studies
Hamilton, Julene, Developmental Studies
Mosser, Sarah, Developmental Studies
Nichols, Bond, Developmental Studies
Sessions-Riseley, Kory, Developmental Studies
Smars, Bjorn, Developmental Studies
Whitmore, Meredith, Developmental Studies
Wolfe, Sonney, Developmental Studies
Wylie, Patricia, Developmental Studies
Wylie, Lynne, Developmental Studies
Clayton, Jennifer, Diagnostic Imaging
Hansen-Prince, Carley, Diagnostic Imaging
Merino, Paula, Diagnostic Imaging
Williams, Matthew, Digital Photography

E - I

Moody, Barbara, Education/Child & Family Studies
Pearce, Liz, Education/Child & Family Studies
Stevens, Christy, Education/Child & Family Studies
Carlson, Ellen, Education/Child and Family Studies
Dubkin-Lee, Shelley, Education/Child and Family Studies
Filley, Jan, Education/Child and Family Studies
Flesch, Jeff, Education/Child and Family Studies
Frederick, Jessica, Education/Child and Family Studies
Hoke, Kelly, Education/Child and Family Studies
Magee, Aoife, Education/Child and Family Studies
Ourada, Verna, Education/Child and Family Studies
Reedy, Susan, Education/Child and Family Studies
Riley, Beth, Education/Child and Family Studies
Saceda, Rachelle, Education/Child and Family Studies
Thommen, Linda, Education/Child and Family Studies
Traylor, Bryan, Education/Child and Family Studies
Walsh, Marcia, Education/Child and Family Studies
Fletcher, Rachel, ELA
Joseph, Sharla, ELA
Munsee, Craig, Engineering Transfer
Reed, Brian, Engineering Transfer
Scheel, Ingrid, Engineering Transfer
Banuelos, Peter, English
Breeden, Shobana, English
Campbell, John, English
Cedar, Robin, English
Chambers, Karyn, English
Clement, Alison, English
Dickey, Eric, English
Gratz, Kim, English
Heine, Jessie, English
Karnes, Adam, English
Killingsworth, Debbie, English
Lawrence, Colleen, English
McGhee, Ramycia, English
Michaud, Adam, English
Palmer, Callie, English
Rush, Matt, English
Rust, Stephen, English
Schmidgall, Matt, English
Schultz, Nannette, English
Smith, Cassie, English
Snyder, Wes, English
Son, Rachana, English
Steffen, Suzi, English
Striker, Tristan, English
Weaver, Damien, English
Wills, Kacie, English
Bockoven, David, English / Writing
Bower, Joyce, English / Writing
Millet, Terrance, English / Writing
Spain, Linda, English / Writing
Walker, Jane, English / Writing
Egan, Brian, English/Writing
Fleming, Will, English/Writing
Howell, Jodi, English/Writing
Johnson, Forrest, English/Writing
Kepka, Jennifer, English/Writing
McLagan, Pam, English/Writing
Morales, Dio, English/Writing
Priewe, Rob, English/Writing
Riseley, Chris, English/Writing
Stetz-Waters, Karelia, English/Writing
Trask, Donna, English/Writing
Usner, Matt, English/Writing
DeRamus, Holly, Environmental Technology
Krefft, Kevin, Environmental Technology
Sharman, Ron, Environmental Technology
Lehman, Twila, Faculty
Acquilano, Karen, First Year Experience
Boro-Boswell, Diana, First-Year Experience
Casas, Margarita, Foreign Language
Keady, Brian, Foreign Language
Costagliola, Claudia, Foreign Languages
Pilkerton, Wendy, Foreign Languages
Timm, Anne, Foreign Languages
De Luna, Luis, Graphic Arts
Franklin, Lewis, Graphic Arts
Taff, Keri, Graphic Arts
Baskerville, Linda, Health and Human Performance
Donadio, Lou, Health and Human Performance
Fisher, Holly, Health and Human Performance
Gallagher, Katelin, Health and Human Performance
Gibson, Jerod, Health and Human Performance
Guerra, Teresa, Health and Human Performance
Hartman, Everett, Health and Human Performance
Johnson, Theresa, Health and Human Performance
Laukkanen, Kaisa, Health and Human Performance
Peterson-Aynes, Susan, Health and Human Performance
Ribeiro, Subbappa, Health and Human Performance
Roberson, Daniel, Health and Human Performance
Sanders, Katherine, Health and Human Performance
Cyphert, Norma, Health Occupations
Horst-Apodaca, Christina, Health Occupations
Lara, Lorraine, Healthcare Occupations
Alvin, John, Heavy Equipment/Diesel
Payton, Barry, Heavy Equipment/Diesel Technology
Radke, Paul, Heavy Equipment/Diesel Technology
Spencer, Angela, High School Partnerships

J - N

Wimbley-Gouveia, Chareane, Learning Center
Winans, Jessica, Learning Innovations
Hawkins, Richenda, Library
Miyagishima, Bryan, Library
Sandberg, Jane, Library
Rachel, Fletcher, Literacy Coordinator
Barbee, Lou, Machine Tool
Niedermann, John, Machine Tool
Berry, Chris, Machine Tool Technology
Middleton, Steve, Machine Tool Technology
Morris, Teryk, Machine Tool Technology
Powell, Ryan, Machine Tool Technology
Virasak, Lam, Machine Tool Technology
Abbes, Sharyn, Mathematics
Abubakari, Nurideen, Mathematics
Birnbaum, Dionysus, Mathematics
Burchard, Russ, Mathematics
Burke, Claire, Mathematics
Campbell, Mary, Mathematics
Carr, Nick, Mathematics
Chapman, Esther, Mathematics
Collins, Joseph, Mathematics
Crabill, Jeff, Mathematics
Diss, William, Mathematics
Duncan, Hollis, Mathematics
Engen, Amy, Mathematics
Flores, Marlon, Mathematics
Francis, Nicole, Mathematics
Harbert, Shannon, Mathematics
Haynes, Cherie, Mathematics
Hruschka, Michael, Mathematics
Hunsaker, Diane, Mathematics
Jones, Phillip, Mathematics
Knowles, Jeff, Mathematics
Leung, Stanley, Mathematics
Lewis, Rob, Mathematics
Lopez, Michael, Mathematics
Maurer, Roger, Mathematics
Maurer, Vikki, Mathematics
Mehdi, Hassan, Mathematics
Michalik, Bea, Mathematics
Odeh, Moayad, Mathematics
Pavelek, Natasha, Mathematics
Reed, Zack, Mathematics
Rogers, Sheri, Mathematics
Rowton, Paul, Mathematics
Schutfort, Juli, Mathematics
Seaders, Nicole, Mathematics
Stacey, Ally, Mathematics
Storrs, Mike, Mathematics
Tanner, Kaye, Mathematics
Thomson, Jeffrey, Mathematics
Tyler, Kylene, Mathematics
Vosgien, Andrew, Mathematics
Wilkinson, Nathan, Mathematics
Wood, Brie, Mathematics
Dickson-Self, Ken, Mechatronics
Hanson, Josh, Mechatronics
Mack, Dave, Mechatronics
Meyer, Douglas, Mechatronics
Ruiz, David, Mechatronics
Bahr, Rick, Mechatronics/Machine Tool
Wiens, Melanie, Medical Assistant
Coe, Jerry, Medical Assistant, Faculty
Durling, Rick, Medical Assistant, Faculty
Durling, Kathy, Medical Assistant, Faculty
Fuller, Stephen, MicroEnterprise
Jones, Scottie, MicroEnterprise
Ballard, Scott, Non-Destructive Testing
Balding, Caity, Nursing
Bence, Telena, Nursing
Clark, Kim, Nursing
Kelly, Melanie, Nursing
King, Lacy, Nursing
Lassen, Bonnie, Nursing
Manuel, Chris, Nursing
Shanks, Marcy, Nursing
Spencer, Shari, Nursing
Terrell, Caitlyn, Nursing
Thompson, Kristina, Nursing
Tokarczyk, Katie, Nursing

O - S

Lorang, Emily, Occupational Therapy Assistant
Painter, Mashelle, Occupational Therapy Assistant
Shear, Jo, Occupational Therapy Assistant
Mattson, Anne, Part-time Faculty
Bushnell, Tyler, PE/Health
Carman, Brad, PE/Health
Falk, Cindy, PE/Health
Frazier, Jayme, PE/Health
Gibbs, Richard, PE/Health
Groven, Kathleen, PE/Health
Herrold, Debbie, PE/Health
Mayjor, Jeannie, PE/Health
Moore, Marge, PE/Health
Murphey, Kristi, PE/Health
Alves, Olem, Performing Arts
Andrew, Isaac, Performing Arts
Blackwell, Laura, Performing Arts
Caffarella, Jason, Performing Arts
Donovan, Elizabeth, Performing Arts
Elvin, Richard, Performing Arts
Gerig, Patty, Performing Arts
Hanson, Craig, Performing Arts
Ivey, Tinamarie, Performing Arts
Ocampo, Raymund, Performing Arts
Stone, Dan, Performing Arts
Tuminello, Joey, Philosophy
King, Toni, Physical Science
Mulder, Greg, Physical Science
Rajabzadeh, Ahmad, Physical Science
Alfsen, Sheila, Physical Sciences
Alfson, Jonathan, Physical Sciences
Beilby, Pamela, Physical Sciences
Carter, Deron, Physical Sciences
Daniels, Sean, Physical Sciences
Donis, Nelly, Physical Sciences
Fast, Dylan, Physical Sciences
Gunawan, Meilianty, Physical Sciences
Hill, Heather, Physical Sciences
Hoffman, Jamie, Physical Sciences
MacKenzie, Lenz, Physical Sciences
Manhat, Beth, Physical Sciences
McPherren, Eric, Physical Sciences
Moling, Marci, Physical Sciences
Moses, Michael, Physical Sciences
Pattawong, Ommidala, Physical Sciences
Randolph-Flagg, Jeremy, Physical Sciences
Sadeghihosseinabadi, Omid, Physical Sciences
Schmidt, Andres, Physical Sciences
Solada, Katharine, Physical Sciences
Stanley, Ben, Physical Sciences
Summerton, Daniel, Physical Sciences
Tadday, Ralph, Physical Sciences
Clark, Doug, Political Science / History
Ridley, Peggy, Polysomnographic Technology
Dance, Darci, Psychology
Weiss, Mark, Psychology/DG Instructor
King, Gregory, Refrigeration, Heating & AC
Beane, Melinda, Social Science
Biber, Lacie, Social Science
Buttrick, David, Social Science
Edwards, Debra, Social Science
Felmley, Amy, Social Science
Ford, Loren, Social Science
Fuller, Brian, Social Science
Gordon, Matt, Social Science
Harrison, Robert, Social Science
Jeanseau, Brian, Social Science
Jones, Laura, Social Science
Krier, Jon, Social Science
Kunecka, Marta, Social Science
Lawley, Scott, Social Science
McAleer, Scott, Social Science
Mcfee, Scott, Social Science
Morris, June, Social Science
Nordby, Chelsea, Social Science
Visconti, Lauren, Social Science
Washburn, Sarah, Social Science
Wylie, Patricia, Social Science
Aflatooni, Arfa, Sociology
Freeman, Misty, Sociology
Colvin, Maddison, Studio Art
Nachtigall, Stephen, Studio Art

T - Z

Campus, EAI, test
Magnuson, Karin, Training, Business Employer Services
Vickstrom, Julianne, Veterinary Assistant
Campbell, Andrew, Visual Arts
Caprario-Ulrich, Kathleen, Visual Arts
Havet, Isabelle, Visual Arts
Hughes, Laura, Visual Arts
Keathley, Mandy, Visual Arts
Krajkowski, Alex, Visual Arts
Lopez, Daniel, Visual Arts
Magratten, Anne, Visual Arts
McKitterick, Renee, Visual Arts
Peterson, Luke, Visual Arts
Tiffany, Carmen, Visual Arts
Urista, Rachel, Visual Arts
Jouglard, Sandra, Water, Environment and Technology
Kemper, Troy, Water, Environment and Technology
Stevens, Brian, Water, Environment and Technology
Dowless, Dean, Welding
Ketler, Dave, Welding
Bricker, Steven, Welding Technology
Brown, Michael, Welding Technology
Moran, Cameren, Welding Technology
Rose, Marc, Welding Technology