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Spring 2019


Important information and links

        Syllabus SPN 101 Spring 2019   

        Syllabus explanation for first day of classes Spring 2019 (PP)

        Login to iLrn/Cengage login to your textbook, homework & resources online.

        My personal Quia for SPN 101: additional activities and games. 


Learning journals

      Learning Journal # 1          Learning Journal # 2 (due 04/18)        Learning Journal # 3   Learning Journal # 4


Useful handouts

Advice for new SPN 101 students

Error Correction Code (a guide to correct your compositions)

Learning Journal grading criteria

Learning Strategies Inventory Use this form to check how many strategies you are already using, and many more learning strategies that you could be using.


Fun resources for practice

Extra (video series)               BBC lenguas


Presentaciones para la clase

Capítulo 1

el salón de clases     Números 1-100     artículos definidos/indefinidos

descripciones      Encuentra el error

      Guía de estudio para la prueba # 1

      Respuestas a la guía # 1


Capítulo 2

QUIZLET activities (quizzes created by Kiersten to help you study the vocabulary).

La familia     adjetivos posesivos        Verbos -ar (handout)    canción de la conjugación -ar

Las clases       expresiones con "tener"     


Capítulo 3

las fechas        la hora        gustar         Verbos -er/-ir       El tiempo y las estaciones

La ropa y los colores         Encuentra el error (capítulos 1-3)

Ejemplo de composiciones                                  


Capítulo 4

Palabras interrogativas       ¿Cuál es la pregunta?           Review of vocabulary (cap1-4)            

Preposiciones            Texto/preguntas        




Other materials:

El mundo desarrollado/en desarrollo      El Día de los Muertos    Desfile Día de Mueros 2018

   ¿Hispanos o Latinos?          Why study a FL?        México       España      




We use the textbook Exploraciones for the full Spanish first Year (SPN 101, 102 and 103). You can buy the book by itself (access code to i-Lrn is required). However, it is more cost effective to purchase Cengage Unlimited, which costs less than the book and gives you access to all Cengage products (this can save you significant money if your other classes also use Cengage books).

If you purchase Cengage Unlimited, also RENT A HARD COPY OF THE BOOK. You can rent it through Cengage Unlimited (vua Cheg) for $7.99 per term, or from many other renters for $15.00 (including amazon.com).

The following links give you detailed information about how to sing in and set up your account for the class:

Instructions to enroll in Cengage Unlimited and start using Exploraciones

Class code for SPN 101 (you will need it after you are enrolled in Cengage Unlimited and in iLrn)BDCB467

How to open your Cengage and i-Lrn accounts (video)

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