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General Resources

Steps for planning and writing about fiction texts

MLA formatting and style guide

Online Writing Service (OWL)

Rubrics for reading responses


Reading Responses

Reading Response 5 (revised May 20th) Rosario Castellanos, Jorge Luis Borges, Julio Cortázar (Due on May 25th)

Reading Response 6: Juan José Arreola, Carlos Fuentes, and Pablo Neruda (Due on June 3rd)

Study Guide for Final Our final is at 7:30 am on Tuesday (June 8th). This time it will not be allowed to use the book or any other materials.  It includes questions about presentations and the analysis of two stories: The Walk, by José Donoso, and The Challenge, by Mario Vargas Llosa.



The Latin American Boom (ppt)

Magical Realism (ppt)


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