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Margarita Casas – Foreign Language

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What is a heritage speaker?

"Spanish heritage Speaker" is a term used to refer to persons who grew up (in the U.S.) hearing and speaking Spanish, generally from their parents or grandparents.  However, they may have not reached the competence and literacy of natives speakers. Typically, heritage speakers have had little exposure to writing and reading in their heritage language, so these skills may need to be developed. Likewise, heritage speakers may function well in everyday, common interactions, but may struggle expressing themselves in more academic or formal setting.

Are you wondering why you should take Spanish classes at LBCC if you already speak Spanish?

These classes will be perfect for you if you are interested in any of the following:

  1. Improve your writing skills in Spanish
  2. Practice public speaking skills in Spanish
  3. Meet other Spanish-speaking students
  4. Fulfill your language requirement
  5. You want to get a minor or a major in Spanish
  6. You would like to explore identity issues and cultural diversity
  7. Improve your ability to use Spanish in your future career
  8. Gain confidence in your ability to use Spanish for any purpose.
  9. You are having problems distinguishing formal/standard language from colloquial uses.

Spanish for Heritage Speakers at LBCC

The Heritage Speaker is a sequence of classes and it should be taken in order, but you can enter the sequence at any point if you have instructor's approval.

                            SPN 214  Fall term

                          SPN 215 Winter term

                           SPN 216  Spring term



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