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Wendy Pilkerton – Foreign Languages

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Dear Students: please CALL me for timely communication :)

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 Welcome to the fun and challenge of learning the Spanish language.  Communication is the most important ability we have.  Speaking to others in another language and understanding what they have to share is a delightful and exhilarating experience.
My WINTER 2019 courses: 
 Spanish 101    



We use the textbook Exploraciones 2nd edition for the full Spanish first Year (SPN 101, 102 and 103). It is more cost effective to purchase Cengage Unlimited (ebook), which costs less than the book (@$119.95) and gives you access to all Cengage products (this can save you significant money if your other classes also use Cengage books).

If you purchase Cengage Unlimited, also RENT A HARD COPY OF THE BOOK. You can rent it through Cengage Unlimited (via Chegg) for $7.99 per term, or from many other renters for $15.00 (including 

The following links give you detailed information about how to sign in and set up your account for the class:

Cengage Unlimited Video Tutorial


Cengage Unlimited Instructions


Link to Textbook Website


TEXTBOOK:  Another easy method to obtain our text book is through Amazon (Exploraciones with iLrn access card) NEW book.  You must have the iLrn access card as all your homework is via this platform. (currently @$141.95)
This text is for Spanish 101, 102 and 103 and is heavily used in class.









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