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Zakir Khan – Communication

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Zakir is a social justice driven educator who originally hails from California. A proud community college student, he originally attended Mt. San Antonio College before transferring to UCLA to complete a BA in Political Science. From there, Zakir completed a MA in Communication Studies at CSU-Los Angeles and a JD from Loyola University–New Orleans.

During law school, Zakir advocated on behalf of many different marginalized groups. At the Center for Constitutional Rights, he successfully protected the rights of hundreds of people of color. As a member of Loyola’s Litigation and Technology Clinic, he represented indigent clients in Orleans Criminal District Court.

After completing his JD, Zakir spent two years teaching speech and coaching debate at Broward College. During the 2015-16 season, he coached Broward to state titles in Lincoln-Douglas and Parliamentary Debate.

In his spare time, Zakir enjoys playing volleyball and watching hockey (Go Canucks Go!).

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