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Doug Clark – Political Science / History

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General Source:  Think Tanks--SourceWatch
Eric Lipton, Foreign Powers Buy Influence at Think Tanks     Ø

>>Project Syndicate: Focal Points
>>Atlantic Council: Foreign Policy
>>International Peace Institute: Peace and Development
>>Stockholm International Peace Research Institute: Arms Control
>>The Century Foundation, Foreign Policy
>>Foreign Policy in Focus: Strategic Dialogues
>>Foreign Policy Initiative: Mission Statement
>>Project on Middle East Democracy: Mission Statement
>>AEI, Center for Defense Studies: Policy Studies
>>Institute for the Study of War: Issues
>>Medill National Security Zone: Mission
>>The Stimson Center: Topics
>>Council on Foreign Relations: Iran, Targeted Killings
>>Center for Strategic and International Studies: Zbigniew Brzezinski
>>Carnegie Endowment for International Peace: Issues
>>The Eisenhower Foundation: Foreign and National Security Policy
>>The Belfer Center at Harvard: Topics
>>Center for American Progress: Issues
>>Stanford Center for Security and Cooperation: Research
>>Center for International Policy: National Insecurity
>>Rand Corporation: National Security
>>Heritage Foundation: Mission Statement
>>Brookings: Foreign Policy
>>CATO Institute: Free Market Minimalism
>>Institute for Economics and Peace: Economic Consequences of US War

Michael Hunt--Home and Abroad

>>The White House:  Issues
>>US Department of State: Policy Issues

>>NYTimes, TimesTopics
>>National Review Online, Obama's Undiplomacy
>>Daily Show, AIPAC, Gates, etc.

Democracy: Journal of Ideas
>>National Affairs
>>Foreign Affairs
>>Foreign Policy
>>NY Review of Books
>>National Interest
>>National Review
>>New Perspectives Quarterly
>>Washington Report on Middle East Affairs
>>Monthly Review
>>The American Interest
>>Atlantic Monthly
>>Policy Review


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