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Alan Fudge – Business Management

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Alan Fudge   


ADVISING NOTICE:  To those who seek 'advising' for business and accounting degree programs, please send communication through the e-mail address shown above. 

To my Spring 2018 BA 291 Students ->

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To my Spring 2018 BA 211 Students ->  BA 211 - Registration Instructions for MyLab


 To my Spring 2018 BA 213 Students ->  BA 213 - Registration Instructions for MyLab



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You are welcome to stop by my office during office hours and discuss any issue or problems you may have with the material. If the posted times do not work, you can email me and we can try to work out a better time.

Please feel free to ask your questions in class too. If it is too individualized, I may ask you to come to my office, but in most cases discussions with the entire class benefit all.

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