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Chris Ruderman – Business Management

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ADVISING NOTICE: To those who seek 'advising' for business and accounting degree  programs, please send communication through the e-mail address shown above.      

                           FALL TERM 2019                

BA 120 Professional Accounting 1  M/W  8:30-9:50 am MKH-201  Syllabus CONNECT Registration

BA 211 Principles of Accounting - Financial  M/W  10:00-11:50 am RCH-202  Syllabus MyLab Registration

BA 218 Personal Finance Planning  T/R  8:30-9:50 am IA-231  Syllabus  

BA 219 Governmental Accounting  T/R  1:00-2:20 pm MKH-211  Syllabus CONNECT Registration

BA 280-A CWE - Accounting Technology  (see your course requirements in Moodle)




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