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Joseph Jess

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Note: Contacting me in person or by email ( are the most reliable ways to communicate with me.  I am also often in McKenzie Hall 101, 103, or 105 (possibly some time now being spent in MKH-203 and T-119 as I support the new innovation classroom :)  ).

Office hours can be scheduled by email at 


    Useful resources:

        - Looking for some free books on various computer science topics? Check out this list! 

        - Want to get some self study practice in programming, web development, or other related topics?  Check out this video series: 

        - Interested in practice your programming logic skills in an automated environment?  You can practice Java and Python here: 

        - Interested in learning Python?  Check out this "hard way" of learning Python: 

        - Do you want to build and test a whole computer?!?  Then check this material out (being used in my CS271 assembly and architecture class this coming fall):


Spring 2017:
  Administrative informationadministrativeInformation.pdf
  Door schedule: Door schedule (PDF in Google Drive)

  CS162 (Introduction to Computer Science II)(CRN: 47658)
      (1200-1320 MW and 1200-1350 F, T-119):
      A programming-heavy course that:
          - continues object-oriented programming ideas such as aggregate and nested classes, interfaces, inheritance, and polymorphism,
          - continues implementing graphical user interfaces, 
          - discusses software engineering principles such as design, testing, documentation,
          - continues some basics of computer science theory such as introductory searching and sorting algorithms, introductory data structures.
      Class details: Google Drive link to course materials

  CS260 (Data Structures)(CRN: 47486)
    (1000-1120 MW and 1000-1150 F, T-119):
      A programming heavy course introducing common data structures such as array and node-based lists, stacks, queues, dequeues, binary trees, hash tables, and graphs.  We also discuss abstract data types, complexity analysis, and continue discussing sorting, searching, design, testing, and documentation.
      Class details: Google Drive link to course materials

 CS276 (Databases II)(CRN: 47124)
      (0800-0950 TR, MKH-103):
      Our second databases course (this and CS275 are being redesigned currently), covering stored procedures, optimization, some security topics, connecting to a database with some system of student's choice, and lots of practice working with a database.
      Class details: Google drive link to course materials

  CS280 (Cooperative Work Experience in Computer Systems)(CRN: 33340)
      (no scheduled class meeting times):
      Be sure to get in contact with me personally if you are in a computer-related CWE! 
      Class details: in Moodle course shell

Past pages:  

     2016-2017: Fall 2016, Winter 2017

     2015-2016: Fall 2015, Winter 2016, Spring 2016

     2014-2015: Fall 2014Winter 2015, Spring 2015, (plus summer CWE)


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