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Joseph Jess – Computer Systems

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Office hours last updated 23 March, 2018 (cleared fall term data, new data coming soon)

Page last major update: 23 March, 2018 (updated general data for spring 2018)

Note: Contacting me in person or by email ( are the most reliable ways to communicate with me.  I am also often in McKenzie Hall 101, 103, or 105.

Office hours can be scheduled by email at 


    Useful resources:

        - Looking for some free books on various computer science topics? Check out this list! 

        - Want to get some self study practice in programming, web development, or other related topics?  Check out this video series: 

        - Interested in practice your programming logic skills in an automated environment?  You can practice Java and Python here: and you can practice all sorts of stuff here:

        - Interested in learning Python?  Check out this "hard way" of learning Python: 

        - Do you want to build and test a whole computer?!?  Then check this material out (being used in my CS271 assembly and architecture class this coming fall):


Spring 2018:
  Administrative informationadministrativeInformation.pdf
  Door schedule: Door Schedule (GDoc in Google Drive)

CS162 (Introduction to Computer Science II)(CRN: 41720)
      (1000-1120 MW, MKH-101 and 10-1150 F, MKH-105):
      A programming-heavy course that:
          - continues object-oriented programming ideas such as aggregate and nested classes, interfaces, inheritance, and polymorphism,
          - continues implementing graphical user interfaces, 
          - discusses software engineering principles such as design, testing, documentation,
          - continues some basics of computer science theory such as introductory searching and sorting algorithms, introductory data structures.
      Class details: Google drive link to course materials


CS260 (Data Structures)(CRN: 41670)

      (0800-0950 MW, MKH-101 and 0800-0950 F, MKH-105):
      This is a design and implementation course that continues discussing:
          - Sorting and searching
          - design and implementation of abstract data types and data structures such as linked lists, stacks, queues, trees, graphs, and hases
          - complexity analysis of space and time of various abstract data types that we explore and some line by line analysis of the structures that we write ourselves
          - recursion and some of the many ways that it can be incorporated into our designs and programs
      Class details: Google drive link to course materials


CS275 (Databases)(CRN: 41913)

      (0800-0950 TR, MKH-103 NOTE: we do not meet in person on Sundays):
       Introduces the design, purpose, and maintenance of a database system. Covers the entity-relationship (ER) model, relational systems, data definition, data manipulation, structured query language (SQL), and we will see about getting a web app running that uses our database!
      Class details: Google drive link to course materials

Past pages:  

     2017-2018: Fall 2017, Winter 2018

     2016-2017: Fall 2016, Winter 2017, Spring 2017

     2015-2016: Fall 2015, Winter 2016, Spring 2016

     2014-2015: Fall 2014Winter 2015, Spring 2015, (plus summer CWE)


Bio, pic, etc coming someday?  Probably not, but I am willing to talk to you all about it if you come find me to chat :)!


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