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Joseph Jess – Computer Systems

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Office hours last updated 23 July, 2020 (updated for summer 2020)

Page last major update: 26 March, 2020 (updated course data for spring 2020)


Note: Contacting me in person is (normally) the most reliable way to communicate with me, seconded by email at  I am also (normally) often in McKenzie Hall 101, 105, or somewhere upstairs for a class.  You can also contact me through our unofficial discord server here:

Office hours can be scheduled by email at or through our unofficial discord server here:

A picture of me from 2016 (I used to shave regularly...):

Joseph Jess with winter hat and beard


    A quick note on computers in a modern education: anyone planning to pursue a degree related to computers, networking, web development, or pretty much anything in this modern day will require ready access to a computer.  For our computer systems and computer science classes, we may need something powerful enough to run a program as complicated as Microsoft Visual Studio (link); be sure you go beyond the minimum requirements as that will still be quite slow as compared to even getting close to the recommended requirements.


    Useful resources:

        - Looking for some free books on various computer science topics? Check out this list! 

        - Want some skills that will help in our courses, check out this document on Resources for success in various skillsets (GDoc)

        - Interested in practice your programming logic skills in an automated environment?  You can practice Java and Python here: and you can practice all sorts of stuff here:

        - Do you want to build and test a whole computer?!?  Then check this material out (used in my CS271 assembly and architecture class 2017):

Spring 2020:

  Administrative information: Administrative Information (GDoc in Google Drive)
  Door schedule: Door schedule (GDoc in Google Drive)

CS162 (Introduction to Computer Science II)(CRN: 41720)
        (1000-1150 MWF, "MKH-101", zoom link available to registered students):
A programming-heavy course using Python that:
          - continues object-oriented programming ideas such as aggregate and nested classes, a bit on the idea of interfaces, errors, inheritance, and polymorphism,
          - continues implementing graphical user interfaces, 
          - discusses software engineering principles such as design, testing, documentation,
          - continues some basics of computer science theory such as introductory searching and sorting algorithms, introductory data structures.
      Unofficial Discord server (look for the cs162 channel):
      Class details: Course materials (Google Drive folder)

CS260 (Data Structures)(CRN: 41670)
        (0800-0920 MW, 0800-0950 F, "MKH-101", zoom link available to registered students):
This is a design and implementation course that continues discussing:
          - Sorting and searching
          - design and implementation of abstract data types and data structures such as linked lists, stacks, queues, trees, graphs, and hashes
          - complexity analysis of space and time of various abstract data types that we explore and some line by line analysis of the structures that we write ourselves
          - recursion and some of the many ways that it can be incorporated into our designs and programs
      Unofficial Discord server (look for the CS260 channel):
      Class details: Course materials (Google Drive folder)


CS140U (Fundamentals of Unix/Linux)(CRN: 40616)
     (1400-1620 TR, "MKH-105", zoom link available to registered students): 

      This is a lab heavy course that introduces:
          - Linux command line interface commands
          - Some common filesystem features
          - Scripting basics
          - An intro to virtual machines, systems administration and configuration management
      Unofficial Discord server (look for the cs140u channel):
      Class details: Course materials (Google Drive folder)

Past pages:  

    2019-2020: Fall 2019, Winter 2020,

    2018-2019: Fall 2018, Winter 2019, Spring 2019

    2017-2018: Fall 2017, Winter 2018, Spring 2018

    2016-2017: Fall 2016, Winter 2017, Spring 2017

    2015-2016: Fall 2015, Winter 2016, Spring 2016

    2014-2015: Fall 2014Winter 2015, Spring 2015, (plus summer CWE)


Bio, etc coming someday?  Probably not, but I am willing to talk to you all about it if you come find me to chat or find me online :)!


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