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Lew Barton – Computer Aided Design and Drafting

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Lew Barton

Spring Term 2018


 Welcome to EGR 245!  

I look forward to meeting you!

 The class meets on Monday and Friday afternoons at 2:00 PM.  Ric Costin will teach the Monday session, which is manual drafting.  Ric's portion will be held in the Forum.  I teach the Friday afternoon session, which covers AutoCad.  On Fridays we will meet in IA237, which is the CAD Lab.  You will start out learning to draw lines, then quickly move on from there.  You will learn to draw simple structural drawings, then move on to civil drawings and eventually lay out a small subdivision.   

The class meets in the Forum on Mondays and in IA 237 on Fridays from 2:00PM until 3:50 PM.

 You will need a 1Gb or larger thumb drive on the first day of class.

 The class moves quickly--Classes are short and information packed.  Each class builds on previous classes.  It is imperative the you attend every class session.

 Please be in class promptly at 2:00 PM and ready to go (logged on, etc.)  It is very disruptive if you are late because my computer is shared at each student work station on a second screen.  If you are late, we have to halt the process, log you in, and start again! 

We will work in AutoCad. I will tell you how to get the student version of AutoCad so you can work at home.  Having AutoCad at home will help you become familiar with it, as well as giving you time to complete your homework.

The text for the class will be:

Engineering Graphics ENGR 245 Civil Packet by David Kidd.  This is available in the bookstore.   

 I don't have an office on campus, but I can be reached at 541-760-1262.  Please feel free to call me with any questions.

 See you in class!





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