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Rod Carter – Criminal Justice

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Office Location :   Forum 114

Office Phone :   (541) 917-4284

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Rod Carter is a full-time faculty member and the department chair for the Criminal Justice Program.   He earned his undergraduate degree (Bachelor of Science) and law degree (Juris Doctor) from the University of Oregon.  He is a former trial lawyer with 13 years of trial experience.

Rod is available to advise pre-law students.

Rod teaches: CJ 100: Survey of Criminal Justice Systems; CJ 101: Introduction to Criminology; CJ 120: Introduction to the Judicial Process (Mock Trial); CJ 211: Ethical Issues in Law Enforcement; CJ 220: Intro to Substantive Law; CJ 226: Constitutional Law; CJ 222: Procedural Law and HS 205: Youth Addiction. 

For information on criminal justice and pre-law advising and CWE (Cooperative Work Experience), you may contact Rod Carter at (541) 917-4284.







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