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Cindy Falk – PE/Health

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Office Location :   AC111

Office Phone :  541- 917-4240

Cindy is a faculty member for the Health and Human Performance Department.  She received her BS Degree in English and Health and Physical Education from Rocky Mountain College in Billings, Montana.  Her Master's Degree from University of Idaho in Moscow, Idaho, includes Sport Pedagogy and Education Administration.

Cindy is an advisor for  both the Associate of Science and the Associate of Arts Oregon Transfer degrees in Kinesiology and Public Health. 

Spring Term 2019

HE 225 Social and Individual Health Determinants MWF - Syllabus

HE 225 Social and Individual Health Determinant TR - Syllabus

PE 185A Circuit Weight Training MWF and TR - Syllabus

HE 204 Exercise and Weight Management - Syllabus

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