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Stefan Seiter – Agriculture / Horticulture

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October 8, 2018

LBCC Parenting Program Benefits from Student Organic Farm Surplus

November 4, 2017

Growing New Lives


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Welcome to Horticulture and Crop Production at LBCC

 Students in Horticulture and Crop Production at LBCC study the princples of ornamental horticulture, crop production and soil science with an emphasis on sustainable and ecologically sound resource management. LBCC offers two year professional technical degrees (Associate of Applied Science - AAS), a two year transfer degree (Associate of Science - AS) and one-year certificates. The curricula are based on competencies identified and reviewed by industry representatives, former students, and experts in the respective fields of study. Students develop the skills necessary for entry- and mid-level technical employment and for entering a four-year college program.  

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