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Misty Donaghy Cannon – Biological Sciences

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Anna's hummingbird

Anna's hummingbird Maintaining Homeostasis in Winter, Corvallis OR 

 Welcome to My Instructor Website

See important information at the bottom of this page if you wish to add this class after the beginning of the term. Links for registered students are provided below.

I am a wildlife ecologist with a love of creatures great and small (and really, really small). I teach BI 213, BI 101, BI 102 and BI 103 here.

If you are not a biology major but you have ever wondered why there are so many kinds of plants we can eat and many more we can't

Why vultures, earthworms and fungi deserve our respect and gratitude

Why there is a lot more to whales than meets the eye

Why we have not all died of infectious diseases...but the Martians did,  

and most importantly, why there is so much diversity of life on this planet and how it came to be, then consider BI 101 - General Biology with an emphasis on ecology in a future term.


During Winter 2018 I will teach BI 102 on MW from 5:30-7:50 at the Benton Center in Corvallis. The syllabus for the class will be available on this site by Jan 5th and I will make a hard copy available in class for anyone who wants one.

Course Materials: I am using the Openstax Concepts of  Biology textbook this term for BI 102, which is available for free on the Openstax website. A hard copy of the book also is available online or through the LBCC bookstore.  Please spend the $29 on a hardcopy of the textbook if you prefer reading a book.

The BI 102 lab manual also is available at the LBCC bookstore at the Benton Center and the Albany campus.

I also will be using the Sapling Learning website for online homework.  Please download the syllabus for more information on these sites and how to access them.  

All class information, lectures and study guides are available on the class Moodle sites, which will be available to registered students on Friday, January 5th. If you have any questions, please email me at

Once you are auto-enrolled in Moodle, you will be able to access class information via the following links.  Auto-enrollment generally occurs on the Wednesday or Thursday before the beginning of each term, or when you register for classes after that time.

If you are registered in this class and do not show up the first day, you WILL be dropped to make room for those on the waitlist. If you have a legitimate and compelling reason for not attending class on the first day, you must contact me via email before class.

Waitlists and Adding:  Students who are on the waitlist and come to class on the first and second days of class will receive first priority to be added.

I will only consider adding additional students who were unable to get on the waitlist if they come to class on the first AND second days of class. You are always welcome to attend class in the first week even if you are not registered, and I will add you if room is available. 


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