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Rachel Glaeser – Biological Sciences

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BI 102 Spring 2018 - ALBANY: Syllabus Link

BI 102 Spring 2018 - BENTON CENTER: Syllabus Link

BI 103 Winter 2018: Syllabus Link

At LBCC, I teach BI 101, BI 102, and BI 103. In the past, I researched bee and butterfly conservation, as well as ecological succession on Mt St Helens. I want to make biology topics relevant and accessible to all my students. We all encounter biological topics throughout our lives (health issues and treatments, environmental degradation and conservation, biotechnology and genetic engineering). Having a basic understanding of biology helps you make informed decisions concerning your life and the planet. I invite you to learn more about our fascinating, living world and take a biology class at LBCC!     

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