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Susan Morre – Biological Sciences

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Hello, BI 101 students! 

Welcome to my class: General Biology, with a focus on Biodiversity, Ecosystem Ecology, and Human Impacts. I will bring printed copies of the Fall 2018 syllabus and schedule to the first class meeting. You can review them here in mid-September. Please buy the lab packet and download the textbook before our first day of class. Read Lab 1 from the packet and be prepared for our first day of class!

COURSE SCHEDULE: LBCC Albany Campus TTh 11:30 - 1:50 pm (CRN 23786) beginning on September 25th in White Oak Hall 217.

Detailed syllabus and schedule

I will post my PowerPoint lectures at the bottom of this page each week for your review. 


Our required textbook is a free OpenStax book titled "Concepts of Biology." Our weekly homework assignments will be provided as we move through the term, but we will not be using the Sapling online homework this term.

The required  BI101 lab packet is available at the bookstore (for about $7.50).  You will also need 3 Scantron forms for your two midterm exams and final exam (available at the bookstore for less than a dollar for all three).

A little information about me:

I am interested in a broad range of topics related to the study of life, both human and ecological systems, and the outcomes of our actions and interactions with the natural world. My educational background reflects this range of interests, from Botany and Architecture as an undergraduate student at the University of Texas to my Master's degree in Environmental Sciences and Ph.D. in Forest Ecosystems & Society at Oregon State University. 

Prior to returning to college for my graduate degrees, I enjoyed a career in native garden design and construction and habitat restoration in the Texas Hill Country and the Willamette Valley. In addition to my passion for caring for the environment, I truly love teaching and being a part of the LBCC community.

I look forward to exploring a variety of biological sciences topics with you this term.  I want to help you meet your educational goals and succeed in the classroom. Bring your curiosity to class and let's have fun learning together! 

 Tips for studying

Additional resources:  Please refer to our syllabus for some academic success resources available at LBCC. Also, Oregon State University offers a good website designed to help students be more academically prepared:  Anyone can access the online Learning Corner and because many LBCC students are either already OSU students or want to transfer to a 4-year institution, this is a great way to become familiar with tips and resources outside of LBCC.


Week 1 PowerPoint: Chapter 1 Life on Earth

Week 1 Homework: Biodiversity in Crisis (Use the handout I gave you to write the answers, but use this link to access the digital version with easy links to websites to help answer the questions.) DUE TUESDAY along with Lab 1

Week 2 PPt: Carbon and Climate Change and Population Ecology Part 1 and Part 2

Week 3 PPt: Community Ecology Part 1 and Community Ecology Part 2 

Week 4 Ppt: Energy Flow and Nutrient Cycling


Week 5: Chapter 13 Bacteria and Viruses and Protists

Week 6: Chapter 13.4  Fungi and more Fungi and Chapter 14 Plants Part 1

Week 7: Chapter 14 Plants part 2


Week 8 and 9: Animal Diversity: Introduction to Animals;  Introduction to Invertebrates;  Invertebrates and Arthropods

Week 10: Vertebrates


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