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Mod 1:

Section1.1 Order of Operations
Section1.2 Terminology
Section1.3 Linear Equations in One Variable
Section1.4 Linear Inequalities
Section1.5 Relations and Functions
Section1.6 Function Notation and Linear Functions
Section1.8 Solving Problems (Old Section 1.9)
Appendix D: English to Algebra (Old Section1.8)

Mod 2:

Section2.1 Rate of Change
Section2.2 Graphs and Equations
Section2.3 Linear Equation from Two points
Sections 2.4 & 2.5 Scatter Plots, Trend Lines, & Linear Reg (Old Section2.5)

Bonus Material: Scale of a Graph (Old Section2.4)

Mod 3:

Section 3.1 Part 1: Review of Functions
Section 3.1 Part 2:Quadractic Functions (Old Section3.2)
Section 3.2 Properties of Exponents (Old Section3.3)
Section 3.3 Square Roots (Old Section3.4)
Section 3.4 Square Root Functions (Old Section3.5)
Section 3.5 Part 1: Exponential Functions (Old Section3.6)
Section 3.5 Part 2: Graphs of Exponential Functions (Old Section3.7)
Section 3.6 Applications of Exponential Functions (Old Section3.8)

Mod 4:

Section 4.1 Solving Quadratic Equations: Graphing & Square Root Methods
Section 4.2 Solving Quadratic Equations: Quadratic Formula
Section 4.4 Introduction to Statistics (Old Section4.3)
Section 4.5 Triangles & Pythagorean Theorem (Old Section4.4)
Section 4.6 Part 1: Sine, Cosine, & Tanget (Old Section4.5)
Section 4.6 Part 2: Applicaions of Sine, Cosine, & Tangent (Old Section4.6)



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