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Bea Michalik – Mathematics

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Bea Michalik


FALL 2020

Math 111, Mon/Wed/Thr 4, CRN 22470
Syllabus (pdf)
Calendar (pdf)
MyOpenMath (homework, class notes, ebook, gradebook)

Need Help?

There are many people at LBCC who want you to succeed (me included).
If you need help with math here are some ideas for you:
email me
check out the Khan Academy videos
form a study group
visit the Annex in the Benton Center
visit the Learning Center on the Albany Campus
visit the Math Cafe on the Albany Campus (developmental math)
ask for a tutor (free service if you are enrolled in LBCC.)
attend a study jam on the weekend before the finals


Online Calculators

Most of the online calculators are very versatile and will help you solve any problem. Make sure that you understand how, so that you are learning.
Desmos - graphing calculator
Reshish - matrix calculator
Symbolab - problems solver
EMathhelp - varied calculators

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