College Chemistry I (CH 121)

Ommidala Pattawong – Physical Sciences

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Welcome to CH 121 - Instructor: Ommidala Pattawong; Office Hours: M-Th 9-10 AM; Email:; Phone: 541-917-4625

Course Information:

     In this course you have the opportunity to learn about matter, the stuff of which everything in the universe is made. We will talk about what matter is, what matter does, and why matter does what it does: these topics are the essence of chemistry. Also, these concepts will enrich your appreciation of the world around you and will serve as conceptual building blocks if you choose to further your education in the sciences. My hope is that you are ready to make a commitment of hard work and effort towards mastering the topics covered in this course.

 Student Learning Outcomes:

       1.  Differentiate the historical developments leading to the development of the atomic theory and the Periodic Table.

       2.  Solve scientific problems with quantitative methods using dimensional analysis and/or algebra regarding unit conversions, stoichiometry, gas laws, and thermochemistry.

       3.  Apply chemical principles associated with chemical and physical changes and properties of matter, nomenclature, chemical reactions, thermochemistry, the kinetic theory of a gas, and quantum theory.



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