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Virgil Agnew – Developmental Studies

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  "Worrying works! 90% of the things I worry about never happen."


Tuesday, April 7: There is a Zoom meeting scheduled today at 11 am and 1 pm. You need to attend only one of them. To access this Zoom meeting, log into your LBCC email account, where you find an email from me with the Zoom ID number. 

Hi Writing 90 Students, 

This is a longer message than I normally put on this webpage, but these are rare times, so please bear with me by reading carefully all the way to the end. This quarter the WR 90 classes will be taught using Moodle, Zoom, and your LBCC Gmail account. I plan to use the first few days of classes, starting April 7, to help you access and become familiar with these online resources and will email you when they are available.

However, you can get ready for class by doing these three things: 

1. Make sure you know how to log into Single Sign On that is found in the Quick Links drop-down menu, but also linked here. You'll find Quick Links in the upper right-hand corner of LBCC's main web page. To log in, you will need your X number and your LB password. Single Sign On will give you access to Moodle, Web Runner, and several other useful online resources. 

2. Make sure you can access your LBCC Gmail account. I know many of you will have Gmail accounts already, but for this class, you will need to use the LBCC Gmail account, for through it you will be able to access our shared Google folder (You'll hear more about the shared folder later.) in the Google drive.

3. Respond to this email request: log into your LB Gmail account (Don't send this email from any other Gmail account.) and send me a friendly email telling me about one of your favorite desserts and letting me know what if any questions or concerns you may have about this class or any other class you will be taking this term.

Do you want help accessing Single Sign On, Moodle, or your LBCC email account? Then contact the LBCC Student Help Desk.

You may be wondering what you need to purchase to get ready for the class. My plan is to make everything available online, but if you are like me and appreciate having a hard copy of the course materials, then materials for the class are available at the LBCC bookstore: a WR 90 packet and a very small handbook called The Quick 'n' Dirty Handbook for Writers.    

A couple of quick public-service announcements: 1) If you are looking for information about textbooks and required materials for other classes, please go to the LBCC Bookstore. 2) If you have questions related to how LBCC is responding to CORVID 19 and how it impacts you, please check out this link to FAQs for Students.

I look forward to working with all of you this term. I will end this message to my WR 90 students with one last piece of advice. When in doubt, seek me out. Please let me know when you have questions or concerns or just want confirmation that you are on the right path. You are not bothering me when you contact me, for that is why I am here.

Now a Little about Me: I am a faculty member in two departments: the English and Writing Department and the Advising Center Department. My training is in English and developmental/student-success studies. I have two undergraduate degrees with majors in philosophy, anthropology, and education and a master’s degree in English. As I pursued my education, I worked at a router in a furniture factory, a “rodman” on a survey crew, a psychiatric aide on an inpatient ward, an EMT in an emergency room, and an EKG tech, and those are just the jobs that I enjoyed. There were plenty more that I would like to forget.

I have been teaching writing and student success classes at LBCC since 1998. My work and training have revolved around helping students 1) develop confidence in themselves as learners and writers, 2) use college resources to achieve their goals, and 3) devise effective strategies to meet their goals.

I am always up for discussing strategies that can promote success. So please seek me out if you are struggling with course work or just want another brain to help you think your way through an issue.

Do you want information right now about student-success strategies? Then check out the following two resources: Five Strategies for Student Success or the Academic Success Center at OSU.  And if you want information about writing, then check out these two excellent online writing resources: Tips and Tools from the University of North Carolina Writing Center or the renowned Purdue Online Writing Center.


Am I your advisor? Want to schedule an appointment?

All advising appointments will be conducted via phone for now. To schedule an advising appointment, click here, but be sure to use your LBCC student email address and check to make sure the time zone in your computer calendar is set to GMT Pacific Time. If you do not see a time that works with your schedule, please call the Advising Center 541-917-4780 to schedule an appointment.

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"It is useless to attempt to reason a man out of a thing he was never reasoned into." Jonathan Swift 

"If people cannot write well, they cannot think well, and if they cannot think well, others will do their thinking for them."  -- George Orwell

“A sentence is both the opportunity and limit of thought--what we have to think with and what we have to think in.” -- Wendell Berry




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