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Robin Cedar – English

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About Me:

I am an instructor for the English/Writing department at LBCC. While I predominately teach WR-115 and WR-121, I do occasionally teach other classes; you can see a sampling of my syllabi below. While my specialties are in intro-level Writing courses, I enjoy creative writing, technical writing, and just sitting down and reading (in a perfect world where time is unlimited).

I graduated from Oregon State University with an MFA in Writing and Lewis & Clark College with a BA in English. I've been teaching at LBCC for three years now and look forward to working with you in a class together!

My continued dream is that someday a student will write me an essay about Orca, so I can have an outlet to gush about how much I love them.



FALL 2019:

For Fall term, I am teaching WR-115 (Tuesday & Thursday) and WR-241 (Monday & Wednesday). While my office hours are on T/R, if you would like to meet with me on M/W, please contact me and I'd be happy to set up a new meeting time.

WEEK 1: If you do not attend class on the first day of week 1, you will be automatically dropped from the class.

ADDING/DROPPING THE CLASS: I do not add students past the class cap; if my course is full and you are on the waitlist, there is a possibility you can be added. I give priority to the students who attend both classes in week 1, complete the necessary assignments, introduce themselves to me, and are otherwise engaged. If you are on the waitlist but do not attend the classes, you will not be added to the class.

ONLINE RESOURCES: I use Canvas for all of my classes, where you will be able to access important class information such as the syllabus, calendar, class materials, and assignment information. If you have any issues accessing Canvas, please contact me immediately.




I am in a new office! If you need to meet with me, be sure to come by Red Cedar Hall, my new domain. (Just remember: Professor Cedar is in Red Cedar.)

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