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Robin Cedar – English

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I am an instructor for the English/Writing department at LBCC. While I predominately teach WR-115 and WR-121, I do occasionally teach other classes; you can see a sampling of my syllabi below. While my specialties are in intro-level Writing courses, I enjoy creative writing, technical writing, and just sitting down and reading (in a perfect world where time is unlimited).

I graduated from Oregon State University with an MFA in Writing and Lewis & Clark College with a BA in English. I've been teaching at LBCC for four years now and look forward to working with you in a class together!



WINTER 2021:

For winter term, I am teaching WR-122 (Argumentative Writing) and WR-227 (Technical Writing) online-only (setting your own schedule). I am also teaching WR-242 (Poetry Writing) as a virtual class (two classes a week via Zoom).




Below are the classes I have taught within the last couple years, including sample syllabi and schedule. Please note these are not necessarily updated to how the class is currently taught and should not be used in lieu of course materials presented in class. These are to help you get a sense of my classes only.

Other sections in this website: WR-115 | WR-121 | WR-122 | WR-227 | WR-241 | WR-242
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