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Brian B Egan – English/Writing

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Brian B. Egan

I joined the Technical Writing (WR227) faculty in January, 2010. 

As a technical communication professional, my emphasis is on helping students to prepare for real-world writing and speaking tasks in business and industry. 

Technical communication requires an entirely different way of thinking than non-technical writing.  We explore the high-level skills and concepts so critical to making a useful document, but dig deep into the details that make the difference between ordinary and exceptional.  Assignments and exercises emphasize developing habits over memorizing concepts, so unfamiliar challenges become much less intimidating. 

I try to tailor my classes to best meet the specific needs of my students. I encourage people to use work-related, school-related, or other re-useable topics for their WR227 projects.

WR 227, Technical Writing  — Syllabus, reading assignments, assignment sheets, notes, etc.

About Me  — Occupationally, academically, philosophically, recreationally, and perhaps other "allys" in time.


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