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I was an engineering manager for most of my 26 years with Hewlett-Packard, leading technical writing, technical training, and software development groups in the USA and Germany.  The work was hands-on: I did developmental and copy editing, style guide development, manual and web site writing, usability testing, and quality reviews of all materials.  

Since leaving HP, I have run my own mediation practice (MediationClarity) and facilitation and organization development practice (Clarity LLC).  I also served as a business counselor with LBCC's Small Business Development Center for nine years.

I have been an instructor since 1969, and have experience developing and teaching courses in the military, at HP, and in community colleges and universities.  I taught a 400-level Engineering Communication course at San Jose State for three years part-time.

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Effective communication is a critical skill. Ordinary speaking and writing are difficult enough, but there are many resources available for those wishing to improve themselves. 

Technical writing, however, is often viewed as a profession rather than a set of skills critical for people in a variety of jobs and circumstances.  In this class, we will work together to build relevant, realistic, and useful skills and knowledge.  The class is highly interactive, and uses many small exercises that give you a chance to practice and refine your technical writing skills.  I feel that this methodology gives you the most return on your learning investment.

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I hold a Master's degree in Organization Development from Pepperdine, a Bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering from San Jose State, and an Associate of Arts in Electronics Technology from Arapahoe Community College in Colorado.  All my schooling was done while I worked at least one full-time job.

I am a Certified Professional Facilitator™ and a Certified Mediator.  I have had substantial training in these fields and in management techniques.  I was on the board of directors of the Oregon Mediation Association for seven years (as President in 2016, Vice President in 2015, and Secretary in 2014), and serve as Convener of the Technology Committee.

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My greatest fun comes from playing bass guitar and upright bass with All Rights Reserved and at the Calapooia Brewing Company's open blues jams (in Albany, Sunday afternoons 4:00p.m.-7:00p.m.!).

I also paint watercolors, work in stained glass, build furniture and other woodshop projects, write poetry, and generally try to forget I was once an engineer. 

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