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Most examples of proposals are either simple, short memos or giant large-project documents.  There are few, if any, examples of the sort of two-page proposal I assign (except the examples I wrote, which are attached to the assignment sheet).

That said, the various links below will take you to examples, hints, and tips & tricks that can help you when writing proposals of any size.

Please note that these examples and tutorials are provided as resources, not as "the right answer".  These would not all be "A" papers if handed in to me! 

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A Two-Page Academic Proposal Example (Good, but horrible background.  Highlight text to be able to read it.)

A Three-Page Grant Proposal Example

A "Boss-please-let-me" Short Proposal Example

A Technical Writing Project Proposal (Word document)

Another Technical Writing Project Proposal (Word document) 

Yet Another Technical Writing Project Proposal (Word document)

And One More Class Writing Proposal

Another Instructor's Sample (Word document)      

Online Technical Writing: Proposals (a tutorial)

An example from this site

How to Write a Business Proposal (a tutorial)

How to Write an Internal Proposal (a tutorial; ugly background!)


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