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All these links were on the first page of hits from a Google search on "cover letter examples".  There is a huge universe of examples out there!

HOWEVER, please note that an example's presence on the web does NOT ensure that it is a good example.  As you look at what other people have done, assess each for appropriateness to its very specific audience, whether it fulfills its purpose (giving the author a shot at a job), whether it follows a sensible structure, and whether it is a reasonable example of good technical writing technique.

Note also that some examples are "blind": they are sent in hope of an opening rather than in response to an ad or posting.  Several of the examples in the links below have poor opening sentences: fluffy, passive-voice, all-about-me-not-you time-wasters.  Which of the examples would get YOUR attention as a busy hiring manager?  Which would you trash within that critial first ten seconds?

First site with examples

Second site with example

Third site with examples

Fourth site with examples

Fifth site: home page for lots of good tutorial links for cover letters and résumés

Several notable links on that site:

Dos and Don'ts of a Good Cover Letter

Q&A: Your Cover Letter Questions Answered    

Write a Winning Cover Letter in 15 Minutes

Crafting an Eye-Catching Cover Letter

5 Attention-Getting Ways to Start Your Cover Letter

7 Ways to Make Your Cover Letter Stand Out

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