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This is only intended to show you what your course will look like this term. The syllabus and essay 3 have been changed.


Essay 1 - Formal Complaint Letter

Assignment Sheet

DUE: Wednesday, January 31st

Note: before turning in your formal complaint letter, you will write a reflection on your chosen issue, audience, and desired outcome. Consider reviewing "The Rhetorical Situation" before class to refresh your memory on some of the terms we've been using in class.

Essay 2 - Rhetorical Criticism

Assignment Sheet

Peer review is on Wednesday, February 19th.

DUE Friday, February 21st.

Essay 3 - Argumentative Essay 1 (Note: completely retooled for Spring 2020)

Assignment Sheet

Peer Review is on Wednesday March 4th.

2nd Peer Review is on March 6th (optional)

DUE Electronically by end of the day Sunday, March 8th. Instructions will be provided in an email I'll send out on Friday.

Essay 4 - Argumentative Essay 2

Assignment Sheet

Come to class on Monday, March 10th, with a topic, audience, and intended medium.

March 13th: Class is optional. Peer review has been canceled for Essay 4. Everyone will receive the points for peer review whether they are in class or not.

DUE: electronically by the end of the day Thursday. March 19th. I will send an email with instructions. Please note: this paper MUST be turned in by this date and cannot be late.


The Rhetorical Situation by Lloyd Bitzer

The Myth of the Rhetorical Situation by Richard E. Vatz

From Critical Thinking to Argument pp 177 - 184

From Critical Thinking to Argument pp 184 - 197

From Critical Thinking to Argument pp 136 - 176

From Critical Thinking to Argument pp 370 - 385, "Fallacies"

From Critical Thinking to Argument pp 397 - 412

From Critical Thinking to Argument pp 337 - 350

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