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Suzi Steffen – English

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pic of suziSuzi Steffen has been teaching writing and reading of some sort - Rhetoric at the University of Iowa; reporting, feature writing, social media planning, writing about the environment, writing about the arts, and more journalism classes at the University of Oregon; reading, study skills, and writing at Linn-Benton Community College - for many years.

She loves - like, adores -  talking about media history and journalism, writing, reading, history in general, movies, podcasts, soccer (GO THORNS!), and more. You can and, especially if you're in Journalism 201, definitely should follow her on Twitter at @jprofsuzi.

In her free time, she writes freelance arts stories, gardens, rides Momo the Trike around the Willamette River bike path in Eugene, plays with her cats, binge-watches bad (and good) British mysteries, binge-reads good (and "bad") books (you can follow her 250-books-in-2018 quest on Goodreads), and practices the 10 languages she's learning on Duolingo.

In the Winter Term of 2018, Suzi is teaching two courses at LB:

Both will soon be available on Canvas, though you can see their syllabuses linked above (if you have an LBCC account).

Other sections in this website: Summer 2017 | Fall 2017 Courses
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