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Office: SSH-113
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Mon. 10:00-10:50 a.m.
Tue. 10 to 11:15 a.m.
Wed. 10:00-10:50 a.m.
Thur. 10 to 11:15 a.m.
Fri. 10:00-10:50 a.m.

Robert Harrison – Social Science

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 Make sure to attend the first day of class or you may lose your spot--if you can't attend the first day but plan to stay in the class, let me know before the first class!


History 203 Syllabus, Winter 2019

History 101 Syllabus, Winter 2019

Humanities 102 Syllabus, Winter 2019

History 202 Syllabus, Winter 2019


History 101 Syllabus, MWF Class, Fall 2018

History 101 Syllabus, T-Th Class, Fall 2018

Humanities 101 Syllabus, Fall 2018

History 203 Syllabus, Fall 2018

History 157 Syllabus, Fall 2018




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