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Unit 1 Fasteners, Engine Lubrication and Cooling

Read - Study:

Chapters 45 Engine Lubrication and  46 Engine Cooling in
CDX Fundamentals of Automotive Technology

API Engine Oil Classification

Carbible.com The Engine Oil Bible part 1.

Carbible.com The Engine Oil Bible part 2.

Engine Coolant Info on Antifreeze types

Cooling Systems part 1. Video

Cooling Systems part 2. Video

Auto Tech Lab - How Cooling System Works.



Homework #1 Fasteners and Measuring Tools Due Monday April 10th
How to read a Micrometer is found at http://aws.linnbenton.edu/krolicp/
Homework #2 Engine Lubrication and Cooling Due Monday April 17th 
DriveTrain Safety Lab  you must complete this by the end of week 2
Vehicle Inspection ...Complete for each lab AND when you do not have a lab project
Oil Change Lab - Oil Change Moodle Quiz
Cooling System Service Lab     Coolant article with link to Cooling System Quiz 
Flush the Cooling System        MotorVac CoolantClean III video
 Spill-Free Funnel instructions to "Bleed" cooling systems

Classroom Presentations:

 Safety Powerpoint

 Fasteners Powerpoint

 Honda Fasteners Video

 Cooling Systems  Powerpoint

Engine Coolant Info on Antifreeze types 

 Timing Belts Powerpoint

 Engine Lubrication Video

Speedi Sleeve to fix sealing surfaces

 How to Ruin a Drill Bit   

AU3.316 Drive Train Service Spring 2017 Syllabus

Textbook Information   Login to CDX today!

ASE Refrigerant Handling Certification 


Start of Class Check-In       End of Class Check-Out


 Vehicle inspection checklist         Lab Work Order   NATEF Lab assignments


Complete Moodle Quiz on Reading the Inch Ruler 



DriveTrain Safety Lab 
you must complete this by the end of week 2
 Thermostat Operation  T-stat Wax Pellet Detail


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