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MOPAR/CAP Certifications

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IMPORTANT! In order to pass this class you must complete all 10 MOPAR/CAP certifications listed below. Failure to do so will result in a non-passing grade.
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Link to MOPAR/CAP login page
Your initial password is: Pass1234
Click here for Instructions on how to login and complete your CAP certificates.
You can copy-paste course codes (listed below) to "Search" for your next certification course. The certifications must be taken in the order shown below.

IMPORTANT! Once you have completed a certification, save a pdf of the completion screen and submit the file through the appropriate assignment link. To save a pdf of the completion screen use the print function and change the destination to "save as pdf." Name the file as indicated in the links below.


Clicking the links below will take you to the appropriate assignment submission page.


1) Maint01 - Pre-Maintenance Inspection
2) Maint02 - Underhood Inspection
3) Maint03 - Under Car Inspection
4) Maint04 - Body and Electrical Systems Inspection
5) Maint05 - Express Lane Process
6) TT01002 - Organic Additive Technology (OAT) Coolant
7) 0710108 - Introduction to A/C
8) 0320608 - Introduction to Driveline
9) 0320708 - Driveline Light Maintenance
10) 0220508 - Introduction to Automatic Transmission
11) 0220608 - Automatic Transmission Light Maintenance





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