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Student Tool Policy

Students will use Snap-on tools supplied by LBCC at the Advanced Transportation Technology Center.

All students entering the program will be assessed a $990.00 tool fee per quarter during the first year (3 terms) of the program.

Upon successfully meeting all requirements for the One Year Certificate in Automotive Maintenance and Light Repair you will earn your choice of two Snap-on tool options. Requirements also listed at the bottom of this page.

Option #1
9200AGSO U.S. set 2 Snap-on Tool set and the
KRB2006FPQR Blue Point 6 drawer red tool box.
The retail value of this set is over $6,100.00.

Option #2
SEPPRECOMB (no tool box with this set)
The retail value of this tool set is just under $6,200.00.

CAUTION!    DO NOT apply for the MLR certificate until you have completed your studies at LBCC.   Students who are awarded the MLR certificate may be considered "Graduates" of this program and not qualify for additional financial aid.  CAUTION!

During your third term you must complete the Student Tools Form that will indicate which tool option you wish to receive.

All students must also register at
Click on "Your Account" - (top line) then click "Register Here" (Right Column)

Tools Vouchers can be redeemed by contacting:

Bill Overall - Snap-on Industrial Tools
(503) 425-9630    Fax (503) 650-7405

LBCC automotive students may purchase additional Snap-on tools with a student discount through Bill Overall. Impact sockets and air tools are highly recommended and not included in the tool options above.

Students who fail or drop out of the program will be awarded a partial tool voucher in an amount of $790.00 for each tool course fee that has been collected by Linn-Benton Community College.

To qualify for a partial tool voucher the student must make arrangements with RJ Ehlers (541) 917-4682 within one term of their last automotive class.

In cases of EXTREME hardship, a partial tool refund can be considered through a petition process that can be initiated through admissions in Takena Hall.


One Year Certificate 
in Automotive Maintenance and Light Repair

Fall Quarter

Destination Graduation


AU3.317 Electrical Systems & Engine Performance     


AU3.350 Shop Skills I


Computation* (Math 60 or higher)    


 Winter Quarter

AU3.316 Maintenance & Light Repair Practices      


AU3.351 Shop Skills II


AU3.643 Customer Service for Automotive Technicians*


Spring Quarter

AU3.319 Suspension, Steering, and Braking      


AU3.315 Lab Scope Diagnostics


IN4.164 Technical Writing for CTE*


    *Students may elect alternative course credits for classes marked with the * asterix. 
     See a program advisor to choose alternate course work

Summer Quarter

All students are strongly encouraged to enroll in Cooperative Work Experience (CWE) over the summer term. Participating students work in an automotive service and repair facility and learn many aspects of this career that we are unable to teach in the classroom environment.



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