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Classroom Presentations (PowerPoints, etc.)

Unit #1 (Week 1 & 2)

Syllabus & Intro PPT (pdf)

Safety PPT (pdf)

Basic Electricity PPT (pdf)

Basic Circuit Testing PPT (pdf)

Series-Parallel Circuits PPT (pdf)

Electric Tool Safety PPT (pdf)

Diagnosing with Voltage Drop PPT (pdf)

Chapter #6 - Circuit Testers & DMMs PPT (pdf)

Chapter #9 - Wiring Schematics PPT (pdf)

Wiring Diagrams PPT (pdf)

Chapter #11 - Magnetism PPT (pdf)

Magnetism & Relays PPT (pdf)

Understanding Relays (AutoShop101)

Understanding Transistors (Video)

Chapter #12 - Electronic Fundamentals PPT (pdf)



Unit #2 (Week 3)

Spark Ignition Engines PPT (pdf)

4-Stroke Spark Ignition Engine Theory (pdf)

Sensors & Semiconductors PPT (pdf)

Pressure & O2 Sensors PPT (pdf)

How to Disable an Engine

How Engines Work

How Toyota Engines Work (Video)

Headlamp Aiming Video "SCA-1"




Unit #3 (Week 4 & 5)

Spark Plugs & Wires (pdf)

Spark Plug Removal & Replacement

Performing a Compression Test

Performing a Cylinder Leakage Test

Starting Batteries PPT (pdf)

Toyota Batteries (pdf)

Connecting the Solus Edge to a Vehicle

Vantage Pro Setup PPT (pdf)

Battery Safety

Battery Load Test PPT (pdf)

Using a Battery Conductance Tester

Saving the Vehicle Memory

Battery Parasitic Draw

Hybrid Battery Safety

Ignition Systems PPT (pdf)

Ignition System Basics

Ignition System Basic Operation

Component Testing with the Vantage Pro



Unit #4 (Week 6 & 7)

Solder & Crimp Basics

How to Crimp an Electrical Connector

Soldering Iron Tip Care (pdf)

Electrical Wire Soldering for Beginners by Randy Glass

Professional Wiring Repair

Diagnose the Starting System PPT (pdf)

Starting System PPT (pdf)

What is CEMF? PPT (pdf)

Connecting the Solus Edge to a Vehicle

Scan Tool Basics

Using the Low Amp Probe for Coils & Injectors

Fuel Injection Components & Operation PPT (pdf)

Fuel Injection Basics PPT (pdf)

Fuel Control Diagnosis



Unit #5 (Week 8 & 9)

Charging Systems PPT (pdf)

Understanding the Alternator (AutoShop101)

Voltage Regulator Identification (pdf)

Alternator Terminal Identification (pdf)

Testing the Charging System PPT (pdf)

Testing the Battery, Starting & Charging Systems as One System

Compression & Vacuum

No Start Diagnosis



Unit #6 (Week 10)

Vehicle Emission Controls PPT (pdf)

Electrical Accessory Systems PPT (pdf)

Cruise Control & Air Bags PPT (pdf)

Evaporative Emissions (Part 1)

Evaporative Emissions (Part 2)





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