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All Homework Assignments

  • Any homework assignment can be completed in collaboration with other students
  • Each students must submit their own homework assignment
  • Homework assignments that have received a low score can be revised once to improve the score and improve the learning
  • All homework assignments are due before 8:00am on the date indicated
  • Late homework will be penalized 10%
  • Talking to Matt Dubanoski can eliminate these penalties.  Just be sure to talk to me prior to the due date
  • Homework assignments must be submitted within one week of the due date
  • If you turn in an assignment over one week late without making arrangements, you will not receive credit for that assignment.   I will be happy to give you feedback on your assignment so that you can still learn from your work.

Homework #1 - Basic Electrical Theory
Homework #2 - Spark Plugs & Series-Parallel Circuits
Homework #3 - 4 Stroke Engine, Sensors, Lighting & Signaling Circuits
Homework #4 - Batteries
Homework #5 - Ignition System Basics
Homework #6 - Fuel Control & Starting Systems
Homework #7 - Charging System
Homework #8 - Horn, Wiper, Blower, Air Bag, and Accessory Circuits
Homework #9 - OBD and Emission Controls



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