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HV3.297 Electrical & Electronic Systems CT3.297

Unit Test #4 

To find labs, assignments, testing and more go to Class Tools 

All Outcome Assessment work must be completed by June 13th

As you demonstrate an evaluation for the starting/charging system,
I will be checking off these specific skills:

Unit #4  Electrical Accessories and Electronic Controllers

Please read:
                  Chapter 10  Electrical Accessories
                  Chapter 11 Sensors and Digital Electronics
                  Chapter 12  Instrumentation 

Homework #8 due on Monday June 4th

Diagnose Electrical Accessories.ppt

Computer Control.ppt

Lab #23  Controler Diagnostics

Unit #3   Charging and Starting Systems

Please read:
                     Chapter 7  Charging Systems
                     Chapter 8  DC Motors

                     Review for unit test   Starter.ppt   Charging.ppt 

For unit 3 complete Homework 6 Charging Systems and Homework #7 DC Motors

Lab Assignments        Powerpoint        Safety & Pollution Prevention              


Unit #2 Batteries and Electronics

Please read:
    Chapter 5   Batteries
    Chapter 6   Basic Electronics

For unit 2 there is Homework #4 on Batteries and Homework #5 on Electronics

I recommend you study  Batteries.ppt and   Basic Electronics.ppt


Unit #1 Safety and Basic Electrical Theory
The textbook for this class is Modern Diesel Technology Electricity & Electronics by Joseph A. Bell.  For Unit #1 on Safety and Basic Electrical Theory you should read these chapters:
    Chapter 1  The Fundamentals of Electricity
    Chapter 2  Physics for Electricity
    Chapter 3  Safety
    Chapter 4  Electrical Components

I recommend you study these four websites on electrical theory available from
Electrical Fundamentals, Electrical CircuitsControl Devices, and Circuit Protection. 

All students must pass Safety & Pollution Prevention tests. 
(You may have completed these tests in Mechanical Processes 1)

As your instructor, my goal is to help you succeed.  Each of you have different learning styles and demands upon your time outside of class.  I recommend you read the Homework and Lab Opportunities to discover some of your options for success in this class.

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