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Intro to Engine Performance Home

need for Thursday 1-23

 96 (95) Ford Explorer Red needed on Tuesday lab!  (good battery)

98 Ford Explorer Blue Junk battery intermittent no start DO NOT USE (might still be just out of gas.  only had about 1/2 gallon to put in

2000 Hyundai Accent needed on Tuesday lab!  (check  batter)


2000 Isuzu Trooperfuel pump relay and fuse should be accessible

92 Jeep Cherokee fuel pump relay in power distribution

 2000 Grand Voyager fuel pump fuse and relay easy intermittent no crank!



Daily Lab Report

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Syllabus for Winter 2014

Research for Future Employment due Tuesday March 11th

Written Assignments

Lab Assignments

SolusPro User Manual

Solus Pro Presentations

If you wear glasses here are Good Safety Side Shields

 take the Gen 1 Navigation and Scanner certification test.


The ASE style Final Exam

will be held in IA-116

Tuesday March 18th

at 1:00 P.M.
(You may choose to take the final at  2:30 P.M. or make arrangements for a more convenient time)

Notes for Mid-Term and Final Exam

NC3 - SnapOn Certification testing

Link to 4 stroke animation

If you wear glasses here are Good Safety Side Shields

Acrobat Reader - Required for your computer to complete assignments 

NOTES to instructor

Old intro perform website




NOTES to instructor

Move Certification Pre-Test Asignment Due Friday 2/10/12 to first week of class

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