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Engine Performance Articles

4 stoke engine theory

Toyota Engines 


Engine Oil and Oil Filtration

Extended Oil Change Intervals Taking Their Toll On Today's Engines

Engine Oil - Valvoline

Engine Oil Myths - Valvoline

20% of Bulk Oils Fail Their API Rating - Lubes & Greases



OBD2 Diagnostic Tips -

Diagnostic Trouble Code Help -


Tools & Equipment

Choosing a Scan Tool That Is Right For You -


Ignition Systems & Spark Plugs

Spark Plugs -

Removing Stuck Spark Plugs - You Tube

Ignition Coil Diagnostics - Auto Care Pro



Diagnosis: Car Will Not Start or Run -

 How To Diagnose Blown Fuses (Shorts to Ground) - Auto Care Pro

Interference Engines (Timing Belts) -


General Information

Larry Carley's

How Stuff Works

Convert degrees Celsius to Fahrenheit - Online Conversion Tool

Vehicle Identification Number - Wiki

Online VIN Decoder

Steve's List of Online Engine Performance Links

Ignition & Spark Plugs

NGK Spark Plugs

Lubrication & Filtration



Quaker State



Wix Oil Filters

Engine Performance Theory/Physics


Engine Intake Manifold


Trouble Codes -

Latest Trouble Code Definitions - SAE International


Engine Performance Videos

Spark Plugs

Spark Plug Selection

Spark Plug Installation

Multi-ground Electrode Spark Plugs

Spark Plug Heat Ranges

Corona Stain on Spark Plug Porcelain

Spark Plug Gap

Spark Plug Torque - Overtight

Spark Plug Torque - Undertight

NGK Spark Plug Terminal Styles


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