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Scholarship Information
College Readiness Workshop
Things to Do
Older class links and syllabi
ASE Student Certification
Sample labs for NATEF
Career Cruise Lab
Electrical Systems & Engine Performance
AU3.317 Electrical Systems & Engine Performance
old - Powerpoint Lessons
Homework and Lab Opportunities
NATEF Lab Assignments
Lab #1 Awareness for Lab Safety
Lab ideas
How to Check the Charging System
Master list On-Line Learning Tools
Learning Tools
Alternate Start-Charge Homework
Alternate Battery Homework
Relay Diagnostics
Why will this motor not operate?
Learn More about Electrical Diagnostics
Wiring Diagram Extra Credit
Unit 3 learning materials
Practice with Wiring Diagram and Voltmeter
Begin your Electical & Engine Performance class
Homework 2 - Spark Plugs
old electric lab
Classroom Presentations
How to Disable an Engine
Online Quiz
Unit 1
Professional Wiring Repair
Diagnose with Diagram and Voltmeter
Save Your Memory!
Battery Safety
Battery Lab 11
Ignition Lab 12
Charging Systems Lab
Scan Tool Intro
OLD - Reading Assignments
Lab Work Order Instructions
Unit 4
Unit 5
Final Exam Preparation
Learning Units
Unit 2
Unit 3
CKP - CMP Sensor Lab
Current Ramp Injectors and Ignition
Compression Testing
Applied Electrical
Applied Electrical Fundamentals
Syllabus for AU3.314
Best Practices for Safety
Use a Digital Volt Ohm Meter and Test Light
DVOM Test Information
Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC)
DTC Test Information
DVOM Assignment
Test Starting & Charging Systems
Starting-Charging Test Information
Operate a DSO
Unit Testing
DSO Test Information
new syllabi
Mechanical Processes
Mechanical Processes 1
Log In for Safety & Pollution Prevention
Syllabus for AU/CT/HV3.307
Measurement Tools
Fasteners & Torque
Information Retrieval
Chilton's On-Line
Hand Tools
Words of Drill Bit Wisdom
Drill Press Safety
OSHA Hand & Power Tool Safety
Hand Tool Test
Fastener & Torque Test
Measurement Tools Unit Test
Information Retrieval Unit Test
Hand Tool Identification
Pneumatic Tools
Glass-Bead Blaster Safety
Reading a Micrometer
Oxy-Acetylene Welding Safety
Welding Safety Test
new syllabi
new website
HV3.297 Electrical & Electronic Systems
HV3.297 Electrical & Electronic Systems CT3.297
Reading Assignments
Homework Assignments
Homework #1
Lab Assignments
Outcome Asessment
Helpful Websites
Homework #2
Homework/Classwork #3
notes on week 2
Why will this motor not operate?
Homework #4
Class Tools
Homework #5
Homework #6
Homework #7
Homework # 8
Start/Charge Specific Skills
AU3.296 Steering Suspension & Brakes
Steering Suspension & Brakes
Web Links
Reading & Homework Assignments
old_Homework #1 Safety & Wheel Bearing Service
AU3.296 Syllabus
Lift Certification
old_Homework #2 - Tires and Wheels
Homework and Lab Opportunities
How Do I Get an A ?
Lab Assignments
first day
old_Homework #3 - Wheel Alignment
old_Homework #4 - Brake Theory and Hydraulics
old_Homework #5 - Disc & Drum Brake Theory
How do I study for Unit 3 test?
old_Homework #6 - Parking Brake and Power Brake
How do I study for Unit Test #4
old_Homework #7 - Suspension Systems
old_Homework #8 - Suspension System Service
How do I study for Unit Test #5?
old_Homework #9 - Steering Systems
How do I study for Unit Test #6?
Unit 1A Homework
Unit 1B Homework
Unit 1C Homework
things to do
Unit 2 Homework
Unit 3 Homework
Unit 3B Homework
Unit 4A Homework
Unit 4B Homework
Unit 5A Homework
Unit 5B Homework
Unit 5C Homework
Unit 6A Homework
Unit 6B Homework
Introduction to Engine Performance
Introduction to Engine Performance
Syllabus for Introduction To Engine Performance
Spark Plugs Removal and Replacement
Intro to Engine Performance Assignments
Written Assignments
Lab Assignments
How to Disable an Engine
NC3 - Snap-on Certification
Notes for Mid-Term and Final
Final Exam Information
Engine Performance Articles
Introduction to Braking Systems
Introduction to Braking Systems
Online Resouces
Syllabus for Introduction to Braking Systems
Safety in the Shop
Written Assignments
Classroom Presentations
Brake Pedal Free-Play and Pedal Reserve
How to Remove a Disc Brake Caliper
Daily lesson outline
AU3.316 Drive Train Service
Drive Train Service
Homework and Lab Grading
Homework Assignments
NATEF Lab Activities
Classroom Presentations
How to Ruin a Drill Bit
ASE Refrigerant Handling Certification
Engine Coolant
Bleed the Hydraulic Clutch
DriveTrain Safety Lab
Login To CDX
Unit 1
Unit 2 HVAC
Unit 3
Unit 4 Auto Tranny
Unit 5
Final Vehicle Inspection
MOPAR - CAP Certification
Course Information and Links

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