Syllabus for Introduction to Braking Systems

Phil Krolick – Automotive

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Introduction to Braking Systems
Syllabus for Winter of 2014

AU3.322 CRN# 37889 Major Code 5306

Class meets each Monday 8:00 - 11:50 AM in ATTCA-112

Grading System: You will earn grading points in these 5 categories:
1) Professional Work Habits
2) Lab Assignments
3) Written Assignments
4) Unit tests
5) ASE style Final Exam

The Professional Work Habits grade will be based on punctuality, lab reports, safety, cleanliness, professional appearance, use of service data, attention to detail in vehicle service.

Lab Assignments must be completed with instructor supervision and submitted within one class period of completion.

Written Assignments must be submitted on or before due date to earn full credit.  Written assignments more than one week late will not be eligible for grading without prior arrangements. Written assignments can be revised for a higher score.

Unit Tests will include Online and demonstration testing.

The ASE style Final Exam will be held on Wednesday March 19th at 8:00 A.M. Alternate final time and/or date may be arranged in advance.

Your final grade will be an average of the 5 grading categories.
A = 91 - 100% B = 81 - 90% C = 71 - 80% D = 61 - 70% F = Below 61%

Your Instructor is Phil Krolick at (541) 917-4602 e-mail

My Office Hours are from 12:00 - 1:00 P.M. Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday.
I am happy to arrange a meeting time other than my normal office hours.
Please feel free to contact me for any reason

The Required Textbook is Automotive Chassis Systems byHalderman ISBN: 9780132747752
   This same text books will be used next term in Suspension Steering and Brakes so don't sell it back to the bookstore.

Class Calendar and Important Dates:

Monday 1/6/14 – First class meeting.

Monday 1/13/14 – Last day to withdraw with tuition refund

Monday 1/20/14 - No class – LBCC is closed this day

Monday 2/17/14 - No class – LBCC is closed this day

Friday 2/21/14 – Last day to withdraw with no tuition refund

Monday 3/17/14 - Finals week - Class will meet 8:00 - 11:50
(You may leave class early to attend WR-115 or WR121 Final Exams) 

Wednesday 3/19/14 - ASE Style Final Exam – Last day to submit any materials for grading.

You will spend many hours completing lab activities in an active vehicle repair shop.  For this class you must supply these Required Lab Materials: safety glasses, safety shoes and a uniform consisting of the specified Snap-on shirt with black pants.

To ensure Lab Safety: No equipment is to be used, or work performed, unless an instructor is present. You will wear safety glasses while in the active lab environment. Contact lenses are not safe, even under safety glasses, and are not allowed.
The instructor may ask you to leave the lab if you exhibit any unsafe behaviors.

LBCC has many Learning Resources designed to help you succeed.

The Automotive Technology website is at

Links to Resources for all LBCC students is at

The Learning Center can help you improve your lifelong learning skills and is a great place to study. They have computers, tutoring services, study skill resources, and a very helpful staff.

Counseling Services are available at the Lebanon Center and at the Albany Campus.  To schedule an appointment for the Lebanon Center contact Jan Wright at  (541) 259-5801.  To schedule at the Albany Campus call (541) 917-4780

Many learning activities in this class require a computer with a high speed internet connection.  You are encouraged to use computers at the ATTC. Computer Labs are also available in Albany, Corvallis, Lebanon and Sweet Home. 

If you have emergency medical information for your instructor, need special arrangements to evacuate campus, or have a documented disability, please meet with Phil Krolick, no later than the first week of the term, to discuss your needs.

If you have a documented disability that will impact you at college and you seek accommodations, contact the Office of Disability Services (ODS).

ODS may be reached from any LBCC campus/center by email to or by calling 917-4789. Letter pickup is available at each LBCC campus/center.

The LBCC community is enriched by diversity. Everyone has the right to think, learn, and work together in an environment of respect, tolerance, and goodwill. I actively support this right regardless of race, creed, color, personal opinion, gender, sexual orientation, or any of the countless other ways in which we are diverse.

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