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Oil Change Lab - shift to worksheet and away from Moodle Quiz
Old NATEF was 2 - 3 - 4 - 48 - 55 - 64 - 116 (verify) Wordxxxx1 (no underscore) variety of online training stuff


Clutch Lab - 91 Honda Civic = cable (i think adjustable)
                   91 Tercel = Hydraulic
                   99 Kia = Hydraulic - funky master cylinder reservoir
                   02 Ford Focus (red) = hydraulic

2009ToyotaCamry3.5L EngLE  good for tranny fluid check shopkey

2001 ford F150 white CNG  good one for tranny scan tool


Coolant Test Strips for ALL coolant - 


Schedule ASE Student Certification tests
Basic clutch operation - good animation
Basic 4 speed operation - maybe?
Better for basic tranny operation
Basic clutch operation - good animation
excellent coolant article 

driving lessons 

search RJ usb drive (little red) for clutch and manual tranny
good video for lubrication

NAPA powerclean flush tool part #91002 start at 4:00 minutes or 6:00 minutes this is flush machine use but I bet there is a better one

NATEF competence reporting for MLR include headings for student competence and entering Fall-Winter results (check on Bryan year 2 class info)

Buil into inspection sheet......

....lamp operation .....dash warning lamp operation? (ABS - SRS - Brake - etc)

....pump location and drive (water- Powersteer - A/C compressor etc)



* Measurement and Fasteners

 Motor Information systems ( for lubrication and service guides    allows us to type in OEM fluid part numbers and converts it to what oilcanhenrys uses this is R J A/C page   excellent overview of cooling system  part 2 for cooling


search Valvoline oil (and other major brands) may have guest speaker to visit  Timing Belt overview

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