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NATEF task list      Homework and Lab Grading
Lab Work Order    Vehicle inspection checklist
 1 - DriveTrain Safety Lab
All Labs using a vehicle need a Lab Work Order  for full credit
Vehicle Inspection ...Complete for each lab AND when you do not have a lab project
 2 - Timing Belt ...Each student should print and complete this lab
 3 - Adjust Valves 
 4 - Oil Change Lab - Oil Change Moodle Quiz
 5 - Cooling System Service Lab     Coolant article with link to Cooling System Quiz
 6 - Flush the Cooling System        MotorVac CoolantClean III video
 7 - Motor Vehicle Air Conditioning .
 8 - Replace Wheel Stud  ... NATEF 130 - Demonstrate replacing a Wheel Lug-Nut Stud 
 9 - Hydraulic Clutch Lab     Bleed Hydraulic Clutch article 

10 - Bolt Extract-thread repair ...NATEF 7 Ask instructor for set-up

11 - Automatic Transmission Filter Lab
12 - Automatic Transmission Lab     Quiz for Automatic Trans Lab

13 - Four Wheel Drive Lab

14 - C/V axle replacement ...NATEF 112, 113   Use white Chrysler Voyager. R & R left front axle and wheel bearing using manufacturer specific procedure  

15 - Universal Joint - Drive Shaft ... NATEF 113  R & R driveshaft - demonstrate U-Joint replacement

16 - Manual Transmission/Transaxle Overhaul

NATEF Lab Activities will be created as this class progresses.
Completed Vehicle Inspection sheets for each vehicle worked on will count as 10% of your final grade.
Live projects will count towards your Lab grade.
Any lab activity that relates to the NATEF task list will count towards your lab grade.
Instructions for Coolant Test Strip test results
Use the Inflatable Bladder Cooling System Pressure Tester.

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