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Unit 5 Drive Shafts -Differentials - Drive axles

Front Drive Axles - CV-joints
Excellent article on Torque Steer
Good article on U-Joints

Differentials and Axle Shafts

Drive Shaft & U-Joints
Cool old differential film

modernToyota differential including intro to LSD and Locking units


Unit 4 Automatic Transmissions

Automatic Transmission Basic Operation

ATF Service


Unit 3 Clutches and Manual Transmissions


Manual Transmissions/Transaxles.


Unit 2 A/C

Heater Cores and Heaters

Motor Vehicle Air Conditioning (MVAC) Refrigerants

A/C Refrigeration Cycle

 R-134a Pressure-Temperature Chart

Wiring Diagram for Unit 2 test


Unit 1

 Safety .

 Fasteners .

 Honda Fasteners (U-tube).

 How to Ruin a Drill Bit 

Cooling Systems part 1

Cooling Systems part 2

Engine Lubrication Video

API Engine Oil Classification The Engine Oil Bible part 1 The Engine Oil Bible part 2 


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