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Due Monday,6/27/11



111  Use a spreadsheet or MatLab   If you use Excel, use a scatterplot

Be sure to answer the questions and box in your answers



Your homework score is shown as Your Points/Total Possible Points.  It is shown on the last page of your homework set. 

Your homework will also be graded on format, these points will be tallied usually on the last page 


Format Notes are as shown:

SE = Use a straightedge

PS = Include or improve your problem statement

Sketch = Include a problem sketch

One Box = Include all of the answers to a problem in one box

Order = Staple your problems in the order they were assigned

Can't Read = I can't read your writing





I wrote some information about your course grade on the last homework:

"T" are your 2 midterm grades

"HW" is your best homework score (which I will use for your grade), and your raw homework score.  Keep in mind that I drop your lowest homework score when I calculate the grades.  A big difference in these two scores means that you have a very low score on one of your homework assignments.  These scores do not include include the in class work, which will count as 1 additional assignment.

Please look these scores over.  If anything looks like it may be inncorrect, let me know.


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